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Scientology sect attacks internet! -- The case Scientology vs. the Internet

Last update of this page: Jun 12, 2002
  1. Background
  2. On-line books about scientology
  3. The Fishman Affidavit
  4. The New Era Dianetics OT levels
  5. Scientology organisations in The Netherlands
  6. Relevant usenet newsgroups
  7. Scientology censors its own people

If you are looking for specific information about the scientology cult, you can use this seach special purpose engine.

1. Background

The "church" of Scientology is a totalitarian cult leaded by highschool drop-out David Miscavige and Warren McShane. It uses agressive methods to control its members and to prevent criticism from the press. They even have their own secret service, called OSA, the Office of Special Affairs. This is an organization that tries to find material for blackmailing its opponents, harassing them and more. It teaches its members how to effectively lie to the press if it suits their needs. Some of their documents have become public knowledge after several FBI raids on the Guardians office, OSA's predecessor. Here are some examples of the documents that describe their mindset. Some terminology might be usefull: a PRO is a Public Relations Officer, a SP is a Suppressive Person - scientology's term for everyone who dares to criticise them or they otherwise don't like. Nice "church", eh? I have already had a letter from their lawyer demanding me to remove some of the above files, but that seems to have been bluff, I have not heard from them since my reply to him. An English translation of this letter is also available.

Now how did I get involved with all this?

This whole fuzz started when the scientology sect raided and my provider XS4ALL to silence criticism. See the detailed story for more information. Since I don't like this kind of attacks on free speech I decided to put up a homepage with the disputed documents, the Fishman affidavit. A lot of background information can also be found in the declaration Karin Spaink used in court aginst the sect, which is available in Dutch and in English. More information on this sect can be found on Karin Spaink's homepage and more about their "interactions" with the internet on Ron Newman's homepage.

The fight between alt.religion.scientology and Scientology is in many ways formative for what one in the very near future can and cannot do on the net: for rules and regualtions, for law and netiquette.

2. On-line books about scientology

  1. The Scandal of Scientology by Paulette Cooper.
    An unveiling view on scientology can be found in this book by Paulette Cooper. After publishing this book she was harassed for years by the cult, in "operation freakout".
  2. Bare-faced messiah by Russell Miller.
    The scientologists make up a lot of stories about its founder Ron Hubbard; this real biography tels the real story of this cult leader. If you want to read it off-line you can also download it in one big zipfile.
  3. A piece of blue sky by John Atack.
    The story of an ex-scientologist who slowly discovered the lies scientology is telling its members. This book can be downloaded in one convenient zipfile.
  4. De stankbel aan de nieuwezijdse by Gerrit Komrij (Dutch).
    The Dutch readers may be interested in in this book by Gerrit Komrij. It can also be doanloaded in one zipfile.
  5. A Dutch report from the subcommissie sekten Tweede Kamer Commissie volksgezondheid gives an overview of their actions in The Netherlands in the past and explains their methods.

3. The Fishman Affidavit

This sect continues to harass critics and people who just give information about them. An insightfull document in the sects thinking can be found in the Fishman Affidavit. This declaration from Steven Fishman contains many of the "secret" scriptures of the sect, for which its followers have to pay $200,000 to $400,000 to read.

In this file, the sections containing OT 2, OT 3 and Ability/Dissemination of material are replaced by summaries by Karin Spaink ( because with these changes, the publication of the file on a homepage is approved by a Dutch judge. This may change by the ruling of a new lawsuit.

A summary and analyses of the OT documents by Michael Robinson is available.

For readers who are unfamiliar with the many expensive courses scientology teaches an overview exist.

On Steven Fishman's own homepage he tells his own story. He has also placed his book, "Lonesome Squirrel", about his time in scientology, on-line. This book can also be downloaded as a zip file.

4. The New Era Dianetics OT levels on the net

The New Era Dianetics OT levels, newer bullshit of the sect, were first posted to alt.religion.scientology on May 6, 1996 by me, and were promptly illegally cancelled by the cancelbunny - believed by many to be acting under the orders of the sects attorneys, although there is no conclusive proof.

An short history on how these documents came to the net can be found on Modemac's homepage.

One of the NOTs documents, nr. 34 is illegal in the USA and perhaps also in other countries, as it promotes quackery and contains medical claims. The exact text can be found at Operation Clambake.

These insane teachings have now resulted in the death of a member of this cult, Lisa McPherson, who received "treatment" according to these nonsense and died of dehydration. More of this can be read on the Lisa memorial site.

More about the many deaths scientology has on its conscience (if they would have one) can be found on Mike Gormez' page.

Another result of such teachings is that scientologists have no compassion at all with disabled people, as the following fragmant of their "secret" mailinglist (TNX-L) proves. It was written by Ken Harthun (, who is OT4, i.e. believes that he is possessed by the dead spirits of space aliens murdered 75,000,000 years ago (see OT3 for more details):

I do not agree with a tax break for the handicapped person, as this is another method of rewarding the downstat. In my concept of the program, the person would not be eligible for any relief beyond re-training. Most people *want* to produce and contribute. If they don't, they should not expect to be subsidized by those who do. Standard bonuses and incentives for competent production would be sufficient.
Actually, this means that handicapped people who can't be retrained (because they are handicapped at birth, or because they lost arms / legs / eyes / ...) will simply be left to die in scientology's world. Insurance is of course also unavailable - it rewards "downstats", and per scientology logic, all what happens to you is your fault anyway, and you get "cause over life" thru scientology, and you can get "postulates" to work. If you can't -- your fault.

In scientology's world, even their PR programs "doing good things in exchange for a thank-you letter" wouldn't be needed anymore, since all public is already scientology.

Ken's contemptuous attitude isn't his alone. No one reponded/disagreed with Ken after that - I couldn't find any message with the word "handicap" after it. Handicapped people will simply be ignored.

SHAME on every scientologist on TNX-L for their silent approval.

A complete summary of the NOTs is available.

The COMPLETE NOTs can be ordered in electronic form.

5. Scientology organisations in The Netherlands

Provided is a list of, mostly covered, organisations of the scientology sect in the Netherlands. I advise you to stay away from them. Examples about the destructive impact of scientology on the workfloor can be found at Mike Gormez' site. A more extesive list of such companies can be found on B-Org site.

6. Relevant usenet newsgroups

The following newsgroups are related to scientology and can be for more, up to date, information:

7. Scientology censors its own people

Read more about scientology's filtering software that they use to prevent their victims fom finding out the truth.

8. Other sites

There are of course much more sites dealing with the scientology cult. Some of them are:
  1. The Factnet archive. Information from this site started the whole mess in The netherlands.
  2. Operation Clambake
  3. Karin Spaink's site.
  4. The Dutch BodyThetan Organization.
Other sites can be found on links summaries, like:
  1. Factnet links page
or can be found in the webring below.

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