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STEVEN FISHMAN                             filed
Dismas House, Room 324            clerck US District Court
141 N.W. 1st Avenue                    APR - 9 1993
Dania, Florida 33004          central district of california

Defendent Pro Se

221 North Figueroa Street, Suite 1200
Los Angeles, California  90012

Attorneys for the Defendant,


CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY          )  CASE NO. 91-6426 HLH (Tx)
INTERNATIONAL                  )
                               )  DECLARATION OF STEVEN A.
Plaintiff,                     )  FISHMAN FILED IN SUPPORT OF
                               )  DEFENDANTS STEVEN FISHMAN AND
vs.                            )  UWE GEERTZ'S JOINT NOTICE OF
                               )  MOTION AND MOTIONS TO (1)
_______________________________)  22, 1993 CHANGE OF VENUE ORDER;

Date:   May 3, 1993
Time:   10:00 a.m.
Place:  Courtroom 7

Discovery Cut-off: July 7,
Pretrial Conf.:    August 6,
1:30 p.m.

Trial Date:        Sept., 1993



I, Steven Fishamn, declare as follows:

1. I have personal knowledge of the facts stated herein,
unless stated on information and belief, and if called upon
to testify to those facts I could and would competently
do so.

2. I am a Defendant in the case of Church of Scientology
v. Steven Fishman and Uwe W. Geertz. I am currently serving a
five year sentence for mail fraud and I am under the direct
custody of the Bureau of Prisons. I am currently housed in
Dismas House, a "half-way haouse" run by the Bureau of
Prisons, and under the direct supervision of the Community
Corrections Manager of the Southern District of Florida.
My release date from incarceratyion is June 28, 1993.

3. I am prohibited from leaving the Southern District
of Florida during my incarceration. After my period of
incarceration, I will be under the supervision of the
United States Parole Commission, from June 29, 1993 until
November 28, 1993, and I am prohibited from leaving the
Southern District of Florida. After my period of Parole,
I will be under the supervision of the United

-3-  (0017)

States Probation Office, from November 29, 1993 until
November 28, 1995, and I am prohibited from leaving the
Southern District of Florida, without permission of the
United States Probation Office or as ordered by the Court.

4.   Due to the period  of  incarceration,  parole  and
supervised release, it is very difficult  if  not  impossible
for me to conduct discovery and/or prepare  for  trial  which
is tentatively scheduled to occur in the  summer  of  1993.
The  trial  is  scheduled  to  take  place  in  the  Central
istrict of California.

5.   This  very  Court  in  this  very  action   declared
me indigent  -pursuant  to  a Motion  to  Proceed  in  Forma
Pauperis signed by the honorable Judge Harry L. Hupp  on  May
28, 1992.

6.   My  financial  condition  is  still   indigent.   I
am employed as a receptionist and data entry  clerk  at  the
wage of $ 5.00 per  hour.  My  gross  pay  is  $  200.00  per
week, as  I  work  a  forty  hour  week.  My  net  pay  after
deductions  is  $  164.00  per  week.   Out of  that  check  I
pay $ 50.00 In subsistence  payments  to  the  Dismas  House,
and I make child support payments of $ 41.00 per week to  my
ex-wife, Jaime Lee Nureyev, in order to help  support  my  two
minor  children.   I  further  make  a  monthly  non-committed
fine payment of $ 25.00 to the Debt Collection  Unit  of  the

4   (0018)

Northern District of  California  and  I  contribute  $  20.00
per week to the support of My father, Jack Fishman, who  is
also  destitute  and  has  been adjudicated bankrupt   by   the
Southern District of  Florida,  and  is  living  only  on  his
social security chock.  I wish the Court  to  know  that  I  am
indigent and destitute and besides not being  able  to  afford
the cost of bringing witnesses to testify  at  trial  in  the
Central District  of  Cdlifornia  I  cannot  afford  even  a
plane ticket or money for a hotel  room  to  come  out  there
for the trial myself.

7.   I cannot afford nor have I been able to  afford  to
conduct discovery in  this  case,  nor  to  issue  subpoenas,
hire court  reporters  etc.,  in  the  Central  District  of
California,  a  jurisdiction  which  is  convenient  for  the
Plaintiff but not for myself as a Defendant in this case.

8.   Although  my  ability  to  conduct   discovery   in
either  jurisdiction  is  impossible  due  to  my   financial
circumstances I ask the Court  to  recognize  my  right  to
attend  My  own  trial  as  the  Defendant,  which  would  be
impossible  in  California  unless  my  traveling  and  hotel
expenses were paid for by the Plaintiff or  my  co-Defendant,
and I do not wish to be a burden  upon  either  of  them.  If
the  case  were  transferred  to  the  Southern  District  of
Florida under 28 U.S.C. 1404(m), I would be  able  to  attend
my trial as the Defendant in this case since no  travel  or

5    (0019)

hotel expenses are involved.

90   1 do not  expect  my  financial  situation  to  change
in the foreseeable future.  I  also  still  personally  owe  in
excess of $ 10,000  in  credit  card  debt,  some  of  which  I
used to purchase books  and  tapes  from  bridge  Publications
Inc., the publishing  house  of  the  Church  of  Scientology,
while I was still brainwashed and under  the  mind  control  of
the Scientology cult.

10. I have been  ordered  by  Counselor  Roxana  Boyco  and
Director  Tammy  Jodway  of  Dismas  House,  as  well  as   Mr.
Conrad Lopez of the Bureau of  Prisons  to  begin  My  required
Mental Health  Aftercare  at  the  Henderson  Clinic  South,  a
psychiatric  out-patient   treatment   center   in   Hollywood,
Florida.    My treatment begins  on  March  9,  1993,  and  may
require psychotropic medication,  according to  Ruth  Watkins
at  the  clinic.     I may  not  be  reemitted  by  my  treating
psychiatrist to discontinue  treatment  during  the  period  of
time required for  my  trial  appearance  in  California,  even
if the Court were to order  the  Bureau  of  Prisons  to  allow
me to appear in California, and even if any  expenses  were  to
be Paid for  by  either  the  Plaintiff  or  Defendant  Geertz,
which is not likely-or customary.
I  will  need  to  call  Margery  Wakefield   as   a
witness.  Margery Wakefield is a  Florida  resident.  As  an

6     (0020)

ex-member of Scientology, and As a victim of abuse while a
member of the cult, she will be called upon to testify as
-to the illegal and criminal practices Of the Church of
scientology, as well as information regarding the church's
-policies on suicides, murder and the Church policy known
as "changing history". I cannot afford to bring Margery

Wakefield as a witness to California. Margery wakefield
told me that she is also indigent and destitute but has
Indicated that she would appear as a witness if the case
,were brought to trial in the Southern District of Florida.

She is a key witness in my defense.

12. Dr. Ron Johnson is a doctor of veterinary
medicine and a resident of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
I wish to be able to call him to trial in order to testify
regarding my membership in the Church of Scientology in the
year 1981, a fact strongly disputed by the Church in their
attempt to cover up their involvement in the crimes for
which I am charged in the criminal case. I cannot afford
to bring this witness to California in order to testify.

13. Dr. Ron Neuhring is a psychologist from Miami,

Florida. He was my Fishman's treating psychologist when I
was first arrested at the Metropolitan Correctional Center,
a Federal prison facility. Dr. Neuhring will be called to
testify regarding my mental state at the time of my arrest,
as well as statements which I made to him regarding my

7        (0021)

involvement with the Church of Scientology.  I cannot
afford to bring this witness to California in order to
14. Special Agent Angelo Troncoso of the Internal
Revenue Service 'is a resident of the Tampa, Florida area.
I will call him to testify to his knowledge of the criminal
investigation being conducted by the internal Revenue
Service into the Church of Scientology, and to the extent
of knowledge and details supplied to him by myself,
establishing to the Court his understanding of my
familiarity with upper-level Church management decisions
and business. I cannot afford to bring this witness to
California in order to testify.
15. Special Agent Terry R. Kroggel is a Certified
public Accountant with the Internal Revenue Service and a
resident of the St. Petersburg, Florida area. I will call
him to testify to my knowledge of the civil investigation
being conducted by the Internal Revenue Service into the
Church of Scientology, and to the extent of familiarity
with details supplied to him by myself, establishing my the
his understanding of my knowledge of upper-level Church
management decisions and business.  I cannot afford to
bring this witness to California in order to testify.

16. Detective Dennis Angelo is an investigator with

8       (0022)

the Clearwater Police Department, and is a resident of the
Clearwater, Florida area.  I will call him to testify to
his Knowledge of the civil investigation being conducted by
the Clearwater Police Department into the Church of
Scientology, and to the extent of familiarity with details
supplied to him by myself, establishing my knowledge of
upper-level Church management decisions and business.
I cannot afford to bring this witness to California in
order to testify.

17. Dr. Enyin Aksu is a psychiatrist who is a
resident of Broward County Florida.  Dr. Aksu was
my treating physician at the time when I was, an in-patient
at the Hollywood pavilion  psychiatric facility in
Hollywood, Florida, from February 13, 1989 until march 20,
1989.  Dr. Aksu will be called to testify regarding my
mental state at the time of my involuntary commitment in
the mental hospital, as well as statements made to him by
myself Fishman regarding my involvement with this Church of
Scientology.  I cannot afford to bring this witness to
California in order to testify.

18. I will also need to call certain hostile
witnesses  who are staff members of the Church of
Scientology,  including but not limited to Mr. Frank
Thompson, Mr. Ray Jourdain, Mr. Humberto Fontana, Ms.
Beverly Flahan, Mr. Luis Gonzales, Mr. Charles Fox, Mr.

9      (0023)

Mark Witt, Mr. Michael Hambrick, Mr. Peter Letterese, Mrs.
Barbara Fawcett Letterese, Ms. Denise Franklin Monco Mancha
Ms. Fran Hardy Andrews, Ms. Barbara Koster, Ms,. Leona
Littler Grimm, Ms. Celia Alvarez, Mr. Tom Staley, Ma. Karen
Staley, Ms, Shirley Hambrick, Ms. Leah Abady, Ms. Colette
Atzel, Mr. Jamie Gurlaccio, Mr. Bob Levy, Mr. Doug Carr,
Mr. Roberto Naya, Ms. Nancy Witkowski, Mr. Paul Dibble, Ms.
Linda Miller, Ms. Vicki Kirkland, Mr. Roggie Monce, and
others who are residents of either Dade or Broward County,
Florida. These witnesses will be called upon to testify
regarding the physical abuse and hypnosis performed upon
myself, AS well as Church policies regarding these
practices. Some will be asked to testify regarding the
Church policy regarding suicide and murder, as well as
specific orders directing me to assassinate Dr. Geertz and
to have me Defendant commit suicide under the auspices of
an "End of Cycle" order. others will be asked to testify
regarding the Church's involvement and direction in
ordering me to commit securities class action fraud in a
Church operation known an Operation Acting Classes, for
which I was arrested and plead guilty in an Alford Plea (of
Innocent but responsible for the acts alleged), and other
criminal acts which I was directed to commit on behalf of
the cult, including the Ethics Bait Project and Bingoing.
I cannot afford to bring any of these or other similarly
situated witnesses to California for the trial, as they are
nearly all residents of the Southern District of Florida,

10      (0024)

with the exception of Denise Franklin Monce Macha, who may
be residing in Clearwater, Florida to the best of my
19. I will also need to call Mrs. Dorli Geertz to
testify  Regarding  psychological tests which  she
administered on me over the Years between 1979-1990 which
will establish my deteriorating state of mind during the
time I was a devotee to and member of the Scientology cult.
I cannot afford to bring this witness to California in
order to testify.

20. Dr. Daniel M. Lipshutz. M.D. is a resident of
Singer Island, Florida, and is my uncle. He is a retired
psychiatrist formerly licensed to practice psychiatry in
New York. He has been familiar with my psychiatric history
during my entire lifetime arid will be called to testify
about how the Scientology cult had adversely affected my
thinking, belief system and my mental condition. I cannot
afford to bring this witness to California in order to

21. Mr. Samuel J. Kern, is a resident of Plantation,
Florida, and is also my uncle.  He is a retired trial
attorney from Brooklyn New York, and although cannot
represent me an counsel in this case because he is not
admitted to the bar in Florida, he will assist me and act

11        (0025)

as my personal representative if the trial were conducted
in Florida. I cannot afford to bring my uncle to
California in order for him to assist me in the preparation
of my defense as my personal representative.

22. Consequently, and in the interest of justice,
I plead with the Court to transfer the venue to the
Southern District of Florida pursuant to 29 U.S.C. 1404(a).

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of
the State of Florida that the above is true and correct to
the best of my recollection and understanding.

Executed March 1, 1993 at Dania, Florida.

(signed steven fishman)
Dated: march 1 1993   Defendant
Pro Se
Register Number 17280-004
Dismas House
Room 324
141 N. W. 1st Avenue
Dania, Florida 33004

12                       (0026)

Exhibit A

(title page no number just Exhibit A)


                    )     ss.

On march 1, 1993, 1 served the following documents
DECLARATION OF STEVEN FISHMAN on the following parties in
this action byplacing a true copy thereof in  sealed
envelope and forwarding them to the parties as follows and
in the following manner:

By First Class Mail:  Timothy Bowles or Robert A. Wiener
Bowles & Moxon
6255 Sunset Boulevard
suite 1 2000
Hollywoode California 90028

By Federal Express:  Judith Tishkoff or Graham Berry
Lewis;iD'Amatot brisbois
221 North Figueroa Street
Suite 1 1200
Los Angeles, California 90012

Dated; March 1, 1993

(signed Steven Fishman)
Pro Se
Dismas House, Room 324
141 N. W. 1st Avenue
Dania, Florida 33004


Exhibit B

(title page -no number just 'exhibit B'

nia.         Dismas House, Room 324
141 N. W. 1st Avenue
Dania, Florida 33004


Exhibit B

(title page -no number just 'exhibit B'


write that down in your book in great big letters. The only way you
can control anybody is to lie to them. When you find an individual
is lying to you, you know that the individual is trying to control
you. One way or another this individual is trying to control
you. That is the mechanism of control. This individual is lying to
you because he is trying to control you - because if they give you
enough misinformation they will pull you down the tone scale so that
they can control you.  Conversely, if you see an impulse on the part
of a human being to control you, you know very well that that human
being is lying to you. Not "is going to", but "is" lying to you.

[last sentence is underlined in original]

Check these facts, you will find they are always true. That person
who is trying to control you is lying to you. He's got to tell you
lies in order to continue control, because the second you start
telling anybody close to the truth, you start releasing him and
he gets tougher and tougher to control. So, you cant control
somebody without telling them a bunch of lies. You will find that
very often Command has this as its greatest weakness. It will try to
control instead of leading. The next thing you know, it is lying to
the [illegible]. Lie, lie, lie, and it gets worse and worse, and all
of a sudden the thing blows up. Well, religion has done this.
[Following sentence is underlined] Organised religion
tries to control, so therefore must be lying. [end underline]
After a while it figures out (even itself) that it is lying, and then
it starts down tone scale further and further, and all of a sudden
people get down along this spring-like bottom (heresy) and say,
"Are we going into apathy and die, or are we going to revolt?"
and they revolt, because you can only lie to people so long.
Unfortunately there is always a new cycle of lying.

L. Ron Hubbard
Technique 88


Letter of Authenticiyy

Exhibit C

(no number just title page  exhibit C)

26 January 1982


Preparation of an individual witness to give evidence for us at trial
can be broken into three steps:

1. The basic witness hat, which is unvarying from one witness to the

2. Full debriefing and resulting understanding of prospective testimony;,

3. Finalization of the testimony with the lawyer.

Steps 1 and 2 would be handled by the GO terminal assisting the
lawyer for that portion of the case, and step 3 would be done by the GO
terminal and the lawyer.

There is basic data about being a witness which should be given to
every witness, to give them reality on what It will be like, answer their
questions. etc. Following are the areas which we would cover (for the
IRS case) as basic witness hatting.

1. It is helpful to describe to the person the physical space 'of the
courtroom (and, If possible, to have the person visit the actual
courtroom where he will be giving his evidence).  Tell (or show) the
witness where he will sit; where the judge, the clerk, and the reporter
each sit; and what roles they play. , Tell (or show) him where counsel and
where the audience will be seated. The witness may want to do a little
reach and withdraw on the space of the courtroom, and this can usually be
accomplished during a recess. The witness should be encouraged to 'take
control of the courtroom.

-1-        (0031)

2. The statistic for a witness Is something like 'length of time on the
Stand' (keeping In mind the purpose of each witness to deliver certain
evidence comfortably, persuasively and honestly so the judge can
duplicate and agree with it).  A witness will always experience
discomfort. anxiety, etc., and will have (at first) a strong desire to
get It over with."  The danger here Is that his/her testimony will
become condensed or abbreviated to as to get off the stand as quickly as
possible. The witness should be warned against this phenomenon. We want
a witness to understand that (under ordinary circumstances) they will
have done better to stay on a long time, and they should get their TRO In
and be there comfortably for as long as It takes.  After a time, they
Invariably loosen up and actually begin to enjoy the experience such that
they become willing to stay on and on.

A witness who makes only a brief appearance leaves little or no
Impression on the judge. A trial judge or a juror must, as part of his
hat, determine what degree of credibility each witness possesses, and
accordingly what relative weight to give to that witness' evidence.   A
judge or juror does this by observation of the witness' demeanor as much
as by the testimony given.  A witness who is willing to be there, and
answer in as much detail as necessary (not chopping his evidence short
out of desire to "blow" from the stand), gives the judge or juror more
time to observe, and get to know that witness;. it is a matter of
increasing ARC between witness and Judqe or juror which results In the
judge retaining the data better and also according It more weight as he
will have sussed out that witness for believability.
3. The witness should know that he may be questioned by the judge
directly on some point of Interest or at a lull In the examination being
done by counsel. If that occurs, the witness should give his answer
directly to the judge, respectfully and with high ARC and attention to
fully and actually answering the question asked.

-2-            (0032)

Also there are times, though they Should be rare and sparsely used,
When the Witness may want to address himself to the judge, seeking his
advice or aid.  For example, If witness feels he simply cannot answer a
Cross-exam question both a yes or no, but must make an accompanying
explanation, he may ask the judge for leave to explain or qualify his
answer. 'This comm line can be used to good advantage In a situation
where the line of questioning Is probing an area of the witness'
religious belief (or where, perhaps, the questions are designed to
address or elicit upper level material): The witness can originate that
this question is improper as it seeks Information about his personal
religious belief Or data that he considers confidential as part of his
beliefs, and that he has taken a perpetual vow never to disclose.

Address to the judge Is not to be over-used or relied on by the
witness to any advantage, but the witness should know that he can have a
comm line to the judge, to appeal for protection.

4. Related to point 2 above, a witness should also be told that his
testimony should be calm and reasonable.  Although it Is part of his
purpose to persuade the judge, this is done by creating credibility, not
by acting as an advocate. Advocacy is the lawyers job, and the
representations of a lawyer are not evidence; the statements of a witness
under oath are. Emotional reactions by the witness, argument with a
cross-examining attorney, or attempts to "handle" an  antagonistic
cross-exam by tone scale handling are not OK.  A PR-trained witness may
get Into handing his Interrogator, Instinctively, and this is to be
warned against. One of the judge's chief tools for according weight or
credibility to a witness and his testimony is the presence or absence of
bias: an argumentative witness, or one-who tries to persuade, is seen as
biased, and his testimony is given less weight. . The judge's thinking Is
along the line that this witness has something at stake (money, status,
his job, having to be right, etc.), and would thus be willing to say
almost anything in defense of his position.  Credibility comes about by
being honest, willing to answer/explain, and natural.  (The  useful

-3-        (0033)

exception to this is "righteous Indignation' of a witness questioned

about his personal beliefs, as discussed above).

5. The prospective witness rust be instructed on the actual comm cycle
of giving testimony. If the person is our witness, then direct exam will
be conducted by our lawyer, followed by cross-exam done by the opposition
lawyer. Then comes a redirect exam, done again by our lawyer (followed
possibly by a short recross-exam).

During direct exam our witness will be asked the questions which have
more or less been prepared In advance by ourselves (the witness, the GO
terminal responsible, and the lawyer).  None of these questions should
come as a surprise, though they may be taken up in relatively random
order. In response to these questions, we are usually looking for
relatively detailed answers, with specific points to be made.   These
answers may be fairly lengthy, depending on what the court will allow.
Some judges may allow 'narrative' type answers, where others may demand
that the questioning attorney stick to a strict question-and-answer

6.. During cross-examination (conducted by the opposition lawyer, for the
purpose of unmocking the credibility and consistency of the witness), the
witness should NEVER VOLUNTEER ANTHING. The exact question asked should
be answered, no more, no less.  Q: "When did you read that policy
letter? A: "On the 16th May as best I can recall." NOT A: "I recall
It was the 16th May as I had just returned that morning from a mission."
(The latter would give the lawyer a string to pull--what mission?
Where? Why? Etc.)

Part of answering only the exact question asked Is bearing and
responding to only the words used; the tone level of the question is to
be Ignored. Most cross-exam Is conducted at the tone of covert
hostility, and this Is to be taken into consideration.  A clever
cross-examiner can make any statement sound suspicious and any question

-4-      (0034)

sound accusatory; but our witness, expecting this and listening only to
the words and not the tone, will not take the bait.

A cross-examination proceeds by the opposing attorney  asking
questions designed to (1) expose known or recognized out-points In the
direct testimony of our witness, and (2) lead our witness to volunteer
other data which will become a  'string'  to be pulled.  A good
cross-examiner will pull each and every string In the hope that he will
find the Sherman tank which destroys that witness' credibility.   A good
witness who can answer the questions exactly without volunteering data
or being drawn into argument or acting evasive, will emerge unscathed.
The cross-examining attorney may simply give up after a few failed lines
of questioning.  But the witness must be willing to sit it out
comfortably: we have seen witnesses who gave one day of direct testimony
and then had to sit through four or five days of cross-exam (and they
came out of it quite keyed out and ready to go on for as long as it
took:) but this is the exception and not the rule.

7. By sticking to short, directly responsive answers (basically:   yes,
no, I don't know, I don't remember), the witness will Invariably find
that some of these answers felt incomplete, or sounded unfavorable: they
would like to have explained the answer a bit,, remedying the sense of
" omitted" data with "all related facts known." But cross-exam is not the
time to correct our own outpoints: this is handled on redirect exam. Our
lawyer will have listened carefully to all the cross-exam testimony, and
noted down the points which sounded Incomplete or unfavorable.    These
will each be cleaned up or rehabbed on redirect, so that any negative
effect Is minimized.  Also there Is often a short recess between
cross-exam and redirect exam, so the witness can tell the lawyer any
points which he feels should be cleaned up. Knowing this in advance, the
witness can be willing to have his needle "dirtied" on cross-exam and
"cleaned" on re-direct.
-5-     (0035)

8. When a question is asked of the witness, he should see if there is an
objection forthcoming from the opposite attorney.  This Is especially
true during cross-examination where our attorney will be trying to
protect our witness from Improper lines of questioning.  This does not
mean that the witness pauses and looks at our attorney.. An obvious comm
lag can look like the witness has to "think up an answer" and this hurts
his credibility.
If there Is an objection made, It occurs by the attorney standing up
and stating: "Objection--that question Is Improper because of blah blah
blah." There may be argument back and forth on this by the attorneys for
both sides, then the judge will rule.  The objection will either be
sustained by the court (i.e., the judge agrees that the question is
improper, and the witness Is to ignore the question) or overruled (i.e.,
the objection does not stand, and the witness must now answer.)
If the witness is not paying attention, and simply hurriedly answers
the question, he has cut off our lawyer from making any meaningful
objection. If the witness answers the question while an objection is
being interposed, the court reporter may ignore the objection and record
the answer given by the witness or the judge may say, "Well, the answer's
in. Neither of these situations is optimum, so the witness should see
If there are objections. If the witness sees the attorney start to rise,
he should shut up; otherwise, he should continue measured comm.
9. A small point, perhaps, but the witness should be told that he cannot
expect to be acknowledged while giving testimony.  The comm cycle is
question-answer, next question-next answer, etc. There Is no ack in this
comm cycle, and in fact this is sometimes used as a tool by the
cross-examiner. He may ask a question, then turn and walk away from the
witness, seemingly ignoring him even after completion of his answer. An
uninformed witness might feel uncomfortable, unacknowledged, and feel
compelled to answer further, to fill the silence, to ltsa.  That Is what
the cross-examiner wants. for the witness to run on and on, volunteering
-6-     (0036)

data, giving up strings to pull, and. looking uneasy to the judge.   So
watch out for this phenomenon too.

20. The witness is sworn to tell the truth, And he must, of course, do
no. The scope of his testimony and the patter for certain areas will be
worked out with counsel, so that there can be minimum risk to our case
and to the witness In sensitive areas.  If a witness Is privy to "too
much" sensitive or possibly unfavorable data, he may well have been
eliminated from our witness list early on.
Perjury, i.e., lying under oath, is a crime (and, as we know, Is usually
self destructive for the individual); we want our witnesses to tell the
Impeachment is a term which just means that this witness is, in the
judge's eyes, unworthy of belief (due to his demeanor, numerous or major
Inconsistencies in the testimony, or bias).  Both these terms (perjury
and impeachment) should be gone over with our witnesses so it is no
mystery or MU if they come up in court. We had one witness who, hearing
the opposition announce that they would try to impeach her, clammed up on
the stand, thinking she would be taken off to jail.  (During a recess we
cleaned up the MU and she then did fine.)
11. Our witness should be Informed that it Is OK that they have talked
with the lawyer (and hit assistants--the GO staff) prior to testifyi ng.
No lawyer would ever put on a witness he had not worked with, and for a
witness to deny this destroys his credibility immediately.   It Is a
Common tactic for the cross-examining lawyer to ask the witness if he had
discussed his testimony with the Church's lawyer; If our witness doesn't
know about this, he will either manifest a "missed withhold of nothing"
(and be enturbulated in his testimony), or worse yet, lie about it (thus
losing all credibility before the judge).
-7-      (0037)

12. The witness should not look at the lawyer for our side or the GO
terminal or the audience when being cross-examined.  He should look at
the cross-examiner, unless our attorney takes an objection.   If the
witness looks continuously at our lawyer, the judge or juror will think
that the witness is seeking guidance from the lawyer and this affects
credibility.  This Is not OK.  Rather, the witness should be natural,
looking at the person originating the comm.

If the above points 1-12 are gone over with each of your witnesses at
the outset, they will be much more comfortable, cooperative and
successful. They need to know what to expect if they are to help.
Answer all their questions, as best you can; some questions the lawyer
may have to answer (e.g., If the particular witness needs independent
advice about claiming a 5th Amendment,, attorney/client, priest/penitent
or other privilege). These points have been taken from notes of witness
hatting sessions done with the trial lawyers for the IRS case; they
should be useful In the circumstances of most US trial work.

That's it.


Exhibit D

(Title page no number)

(rubber stamped)
Privledged Materials

27.January 1982

Addendum to Hat Writeups re (1) Hatting the Witness and (2) Preparing the


A few additional points should be included in the description of how to
hat a person on what it is to be a witness in a Scientology case. These

1. The witness must have a good feel for what particles, comm lines,
command lines, writings, activities etc., in a Scientology org are
"ecclesiastical" and those that are "secular/corporate/legal." In this
regard, the potential witness should definitely read Bob Harris' short
exposition on the area called "Understanding Corporate Integrity II" and
any disagreements or questions should be handled right away. He must
have a flexible understanding of what things are corporate/legal matters
and what are not. This is an area that will have to be gone over very
carefully in preparing any witness for cross-exam, for it is a very
fertile area for such. The witness must understand the hierarchical
nature of the Church of Scientology and the nature of the relationships
among Scientology terminals and organizations. You might want to show
him a chart to help tin understand the area. Such a chart was put into
evidence in the 70-72 case (but may not be of use to everyone as It
.depicts relationships only during that period. Watch out, however, as
-the witness' understanding and ability to answer questions about this
Area must still and always be realistic, practical, and from the reality
and point of view of that individual: In other words, a person who was
the Mimeo operator at the Hawaii org for six year s will have a general
understanding that comes from being a staff member and a Scientologist,
but his 'personal knowledge' and experience will be vastly different from
that of a person who held high exec positions (e.g., Commodore's Staff
-Aides or WW terminals) . You don't want your witness to appear to have

been "briefed," you want him to have his own understanding and personal
knowledge--OR LACK OF IT. You Just want to be sure that he either is
Perfectly equipped to handle this area, by virtue of intelligence,
training, nature of posts and experience and duplication of the concepts
Involved. or you want him to really recognize his limitations In the area
so he cannot be led Into testifying about It. (This approach Is really a
general rule for all witnesses--It Is patently incredible for a comm
runner to tell the court about management activities at Flag, or the
compensation of the Founder, e.g.)
2. The witness, while testifying, should always refer to any particle by
Its exhibit number: whenever he talks about a tangible particle In front
of him, it's not "this" or 'that,' It's always "Exhibit AB," or "the
document marked Exhibit 236," etc. Otherwise the transcript of the
testimony cannot be understood when read. The transcript, together with
the exhibits themselves, are the complete RECORD of the case. It Is what
we will have to refer to in part If we are to appeal any case. Without
an intelligible record, we cannot prove our case. So this particular bit
of admin (marking documents as exhibits by letter or number) was
developed to ensure a readable record. The witness should know this so
that he can be careful to refer to everything by name or number.
3. Another aspect of understanding the comm cycle of the courtroom and
particularly the comm cycle of cross-exam is something I call the
"alter-ack." I have seen the cross-examining IRS attorney use this
technique continually. He will ask the witness a question, and then
appear to not understand the answer given; he will ask further clarifying
questions. still seeming to get It all wrong (when he probably
understands full well what he Is shooting for with that particular
witness). This is of course, very frustrating to the witness: he is
not only not receiving any verbal ack from the lawyer, he is also not
being duplicated at all. There is an eagerness on the part of anyone in
a comm cycle to achieve duplication, and the witness may want to clarify
,the matter. But watch out. The lawyer, after a series of questions that

make it seem he simply didn't get it, he will say something Iike, "OK,
let me understand this--you said Blah Blah Blah"; he will almost restate
the witness' words back to him. The witness will then leap to say "Yes!"
and get the relief of having been duplicated. Usually, though, the
lawyer will have restated the testimony with some sort of cunning
alteration in It, some hook in it that is not what the witness would have
said had he really thought about It. but if the witness has agreed, then
there it is on the record. There was an example of this In the IRS 70-72
case where a witness was being asked a series of dumb questions off of an
ASHO ethics order, and the cross-examining attorney was getting it all
mixed up, finally restating part of the witness' words and stretching It
to the conclusion that "ASHO Is a subsidiary of the Sea Org"--to which
our witness said "yes!" Well that is simply untrue, and is even
preposterous to anyone who knows the facts (that ASHO was part of the
corporation CSC, that the SO has never been a corporate entity, and that
there is NO legal relationship between the two--and the term "subsidiary"
is wholly a legal term). The witness was dying for an ack and some
duplication from the lawyer; what he got was a false duplication ("Oh, I
see: ASHO is a subsidiary of the SO") and what we got was a false and/or
damaging statement on the record by someone who had no real knowledge of
the facts of that area.

4. Generalities vs. specifics. 'Scientologists usually try to avoid
dealing in generalities, but there are such things as good generalities.
Entheta and suppressive statements from the cross-examining attorney will
often take the form of generalities.
When confronted by the opposition lawyer by generalities, our witness
should ask for specifics. That will often totally cut the lawyer's line
of cross-exam (as he Is proceeding by generalities and cannot have or use
the specifics). On the other hand, our witness should look for
opportunities to use theta generalities; since It's theta, the
cross-examiner will not ask for specifics--he's stung and he'll want to
Set away from that area. If he does ask for specifics, the witness
should supply them, and chances are It will end up hurting the

opposition. Examples: "Every Scientologist knows it would be violative
of the creeds and codes to lie about or falsify recorfd," or "Scientology
has helped thousands of people to better lives," or "We all know, or any
Scientologist who has read and understood the writings of our religion
would surely know, that it is a religion and it deals with the Spirit of
Man," or "We all know that the aim of Scientology is a civilization
without war, crime, Insanity . . . . " An entheta cross-examiner will
steer away from that stuff like a vampire from a cross. Just let him
have it--with theta!!
5. A witness is to testify to things he knows of his personal knowledge
only (except when he's launching a theta generality). He can only
testify to what he did or saw; he cannot say what another told him he saw
or did. This aspect is very useful to our witnesses on cross-exam: when
being questioned about a difficult area, the witness should ask himself,
-How do I know that? Did I see It or do It?" and he won't let himself be
led into an area where he Is not prepared, or isn't competent to testify
or is speculating or making conclusions. Speculation and conclusion are
not usually admissible testimony, but a clever cross-examiner can lead
the witness off into an area where he assumes what the "right" answer is,
but doesn't really have personal knowledge. Example: Q--"What would you
do If LRH ordered you to sell the ship?" The correct answer (if your
-witness never received such an order)-would NOT be: A-'Well,, gosh. I
guess I'd sell the ship..."; the proper answer would be: A--"That never
happened." Period. That answer will alert the judge that the question was
improper, a request for speculation on the part of the witness..
6. Along the line of answering the exact question asked, and not
getting outside of personal knowledge, the witness should keep in mind on
cross-exam this tip: BE LITERAL. If the attorney doesn't know enough to
ask the right question, he won't get the answer he's after. Don't help
the poor, blundering soul. Sit back and answer the questions literally.
7. It Is favorite trick of government lawyers (at least It sure was
In the IRS 70-72 case) to try and Impeach a Scientology witness on the
text of PLs. One can only be Impeached by being led to testify contrary
to what one has previously written or said. One cannot be Impeached (or
shown to be Inconsistent and therefore not cre dible) by being shown a PL

which says something different from what one has testified to (unless, of
course, the witness Is the author of the PL and cannot explain
satisfactorily the circumstances and Intent of the Issue). The natural
reaction of most staff members Is to adjust or modify what he has said so
that It does conform to policy letters; as a good Scientologist or staff
member he doesn't want to be accused of disagreement with or
noncompliance to PLs. But the courtroom Is different; no one Is going to
get into trouble for saying they didn't follow a particular PL. The
,witness Is better off sticking to his own reality and previous statement
than by back-pedalling and modifying his testimony to make it "agree"
with a PL he Is confronted with. Don't be intimidated by this tactic! A
PL says what it says, and the witness In not responsible for those words,
nor for whether or not he applied that particular PL. That may sound
heretical at first, but unless the witness understands it and is flexible
enough to be "in court" and not "on post" or before an ethics
Investigation, he can be led Into very uncomfortable situations (and into
making statements that could hurt the Church's case).

B. In summary, the above points to teach a witness regarding
cross-exam are these:
Specifics vs. Generalities
Personal Knowledge
Be Literal
Ecclesiastical vs. Corporate/Legal
Don't Fear "lmpeachment" From PLs
9. The witness will also need to have a thorough understanding
(once again, commensurate with his post, training and experience, and
Intelligence) of the religious nature of Scientology and how this is
evident in many interrelated things.
For example, we all know that the Tech Volumes are clearly religious
In content; but what about the OEC? It contains Issues on how to run an
organization, how to get orders Issued and complied with how to write an

Invoice and keep financial records. What's religious about that? well,
take a look at It. We have a 1st dynamic tech In auditing; we also have
a 3rd dynamic tech of dealing with groups/organizations. On the grade
chart there Is also (up the center) an Awareness Scale with awareness
characteristics In an ascending gradient. Those same awareness
characteristics appear on the org board, assigned to each of the 21
departments. Those 7 divisions of the org board are the 7 volumes of the
OEC. What is the org board? It's not a chart of any specific org; it's
a description of relationships and a way of handling life. An org may
operate off an org board, but it's equally applicable to any size group,
ox even to any individual. It's a philosophic machine, not a chart of
some commercial company. It Is based quite exactly on Scientology
doctrinal concepts. The OEC contains ethics PLs. Are they religious?
Certainly. They deal with doctrinal concepts about the being and how to
handle him. Even something as mundane and "secular" as writing an
invoice can be traced to a basic Scientology concept that "Truth Is the
exact time, place, form and event." If one cared to undertake the
project, the entirety of LRH policy could be traced to basic concepts of
communication, ethics, etc., and into the Axioms and Factors. The key
here is that to almost any Scientologist who stops to think about It, the
concepts underlying the org board and the OEC are part of our religion.
to an outsider they may seem "secular," but they carry a different and
deeper meaning for the Scientologist if for no other reason than they are
written by LRH, the Founder.

Understanding this, the witness cannot be caught off guard or put in
an uncomfortable position regarding PLs, org boards, etc. Be can know
they are religious in nature and can believe that to be true. It's
really part of his belief, it can't be questioned beyond that by a civil

10. You will have seen from the points listed in this writeup and
the others about hatting and preparing witnesses that what it comes down

KINDS OF QUESTIONS ON CROSS-EXAM. Don't think that a witness who was
only called to Identify a piece of paper from a file can't and won't (if
the judge is blind enough to allow this) be cross-examined on org boards,
ethics. nature of policy, hierarchical and corporate relationships, etc.
To the opposing attorney, all Scientology witnesses are "Fair Game" for
HANDLE VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING, regardless of the scope of direct exam.
Prepare them accordingly and they will do well and we will win; leave
them unprepared in any of these areas an they will get caught in
something they can't control. Few Scientology witnesses are naturals at
this; some only take a little work, some take days and days. There is no
substitute for going over direct and expected or-even unexpected
cross-exam with the witness and the lawyer until it Is perfect.
The way we handled witness prep was to work up an outline of the
points to be covered in direct exam (as described In another hat
writeup). We would use this in prepping the witness, and the lawyer
would use it in court (the lawyer cannot work from a script, but he needs
the BC of an outline or list of areas to cover); the staff person working
with the lawyer will then also rely on this outline to ensure the direct
exam Is complete.
Since every Scientology witness must be prepared for cross on a
multitude of areas, we used a checklist as a tool for this. It was
rather like assessing a list with a PC. We had an overall list of areas
To cover. These are some examples:
Corporate vs ecclesiastical
Nature of Policy
Is DEC Religious?
Relationship of Flag to S0
What was 0TC?
Ever asked to backdate a document?
Flag's relationship to CSC
Fair Game


We would run down that list with each witness asking a question or
two about the item to see how the witness would handle; perhaps he knew
nothing about corporations or OTC or Flag. When we would hit a "hot"
area (where the witness appeared to have knowledge and could be
questioned but gave an unfavorable answer or otherwise showed he didn't
duplicate the implications of cross-exam In that area), we would take it
up at length, Practicing cross and hatting the witness on the concepts
(e.g. OEC as religious) until he was stable and confident. Once through
the entire list (this might take days), that witness was ready to testify
and only needed brushup on direct and cross on the day before going on
the stand.
The purpose Of going over direct and anticipated cross is not to
inculcate "Pat" answers or robotism, but to nurture understanding and the
ability to handle the cross-exam questions. It goes without saying that
you also have to have a lawyer who (1) Is very experienced at trial work,
And 2) has a very thorough working knowledge of Scientology. For an
experienced lawyer who doesn't really understand Scientology, It will be
unreal to him that every witness has to be able to defend himself in
every area. He will think that he can effectively use the "Rules" (of
Evidence) to prevent improper cross-exam. He could be in for a very
unpleasant surprise about that at trial. There is no other animal on the
face of the Earth like a Scientology trial and he'll have to know
It--or we get another Christo case.

That's It.


Affidavit of Steven Fishman Case # 91-6426 HLH (Tx) Continued


(title page)


TOPSECRET                  Duke, Here is
plan discussed, love

(Refer to the persons concerned
as "the friends")

It may be deemed necessary for all the DC Staff who
could be pulled in for questioning 'to suddenly leave.
This must be done in such a way So that they never
can be accused of "fleeing prosecution".


To ensure that all those DC staff concerned are not
available for questioning by Scales yet cannot be
prosecuted for fleeing.


1. US B1 SEUS SEC is responsible for seeing that
this project gets speedily done. He is to work
closely with DC INFQ US and DG US on this project.

2. The purpose of this project is to protect the
Church from Scales actions.

3. D/NAT'L SEC is responsible for the overall
planning of those actions and their debugging as



1. To ensure that extremely tight security is
maintained on this project.

2. To ensure that it gets done speedily.

3. To ensure that each aaction is smoothly worked
out so that if evaluation is necessary it will be
done without a 'hitch' or mistake.

4. To get finances quickly for this project.

5. To get approval up lines on this project "super
fast" so that it can be got done really fast.


1. Each person to whom this project pertains must
immediately get his/her passport. This must be done
withing security's framework, meaning the person doesn't
mention CofS on the passport. For occupation list
Researcher - Public Relations Consultant - etc. or
houswife for girls that are married. Production
target 2 weeks on this. As assigned.

2. US D1 SEUS SEC is to work up an ED or some such
official type proclamation entitled "Sabbatical Leaves."
This can be worked out with both D/NAT'L
SEC US B1 and DDG US. The above shall basically
state that about 10 GO personnel shall be chosen
for Sabbatical leaves. This shall start with the
Founding Church in Washington DC. This is being
done as an award for upstats who consistently
produce well, and as an experiment to see what an energetic
staff member will do on his own if given 3 to 6 months
to travel and study and use scn tech. The rules are

the persons are to:
1) To observe coventry and to not communicate to a
fellow Scientist during this time
2) They are to spend at least some of this time in
"retreat" where they are to study their choice of
3) They may travel anywhere in the world to do this.
4) They are to produce at the end of this time a
product of use to Scn.
5) They may prepare ahead of time but must start from
This project is called "Ten Talents"  after the
biblical tale. A quote should be gotten from the bible
and put into the ED.  US B1 SEUS SEC

3.  When the above Ed is completed, it should be sent
to all GO DC staff wherever needed. It should appear
real to those whom it does not affect.  US B1 SEUS SEC

4. US B1 SEUS SEC is to work out the comm the pertinent
persons are to give on this to thier relatives or fellow
staff. This should be done ahead of time A.S .A.P so
that when and if persons have "to go" it will not
cause any flaps or PTS situations. "All" should be
ready to leave at any time. US B1 SEC

5. US B1 SEC is to ensure that all concerned are
ready to leave at any time and that all personal cycles
finances, 2D, bills, are completely up to PT and
there are no PTPs or stops to immeduate departure.

6. US B1 SEUS SEC is to see AG DC keeps all staff
actions written up to PT and that machinery exists,
to as best as possible, take over, for each person
(including the AG) if this action were needed to be
done. This should be worked out in liason with DDG US and


7) US B1 SEUS SEC is to immediately do up a confidential
CS-W for "set-aside" finances for this project. This is for
seven or eight people so the amount should be about
$10,000 for starters. Any help needed on this can come
from DDG US or DG US. These finances should be given
to AG DC to hold in case this actions is implimented.

8) SEUS SEC B1 is to ensure that the "need to know"
is strictly followed on this project. No communicators
are to know. The Need to Know is limited to DG US;
SEC US; any US DG's that must know are told by DG US;
and those DG staff that this concerns.

9) SEUS SEC US B1 is to set up an  "early warning" system
whereby he or DG US can be notified immediately with
any info needed to decide to put 'Failsafe' into action.

10. A "safehouse" or "safehouse area" should be chosen
in an out of the way place, like a ski resort - Dude ranch -
farm - Canada - Mexico - etc., This "place" ahould be
investigated to ensure it can be used anytime of the
year by people just "showing up". This "safe
house" is for Sabbaticals to go til it is shown
one way or another that they must stay away or
come back. SEUS SEC US B1

11. A cover story as to why "they" all went there; without
the Church knowing it, must be worked out - as this
breaks Sabbatical rules. SEUS SEC US B1

12. Seven safe different places (or as many as needed)
must be worked out, where the Sabbaticals will go if
they must extend extend their leave. One for each person.


13. Secure comm lines, codes, etc., must be worked out
for this "safe house" are in  #10, and each different
plave in #12 above. This must be done before any Sabbaticals
are taken. SEUS SEC US B1

14. The entire DC Org should be alerted in some way
to this Sabbatical "cover story". And if needed to be
implimented the DC Org should be informed of this
"award for" those concerned. (The one, two - 10 Talent
analogy should be used). This is to take all the
mystery off the line and make it no surprise as well as
handling any testimony in court by any staff. SEUS SEC US B1

15. When all  of the above actions are worked out
to the DG I/DG US's satisfaction, a chock list, code
words, etc., are to be worked out so that if deemed
necessary the Sabbaticals will go off like clockwork.

16. Upon completion of targets 1-15, D/NAT'L SEC is
to fly to DC on mission. His MO's will be the briefing
and any necessary drilling to be done to prepare the
"persons" for thier "Sabbaticals" if necessary to impliment.
MOs to be written by SEUS SEC US B1 and approved by DG I US

(0053)        (written in bottom corner '#37 (illegible initials)

Exhibit G    (Title page no number)




( Hand bracketed passages in original  surrounded by [  ] )

Dissemnation of Material
The dissemination of materials of Scientology is a problem of com-
arable stature to the use of techniques on a preclear in an audting
session.  Just as you would not process a preclear with heavy pro-
cesses when all he could take might be ARC Straight Wire, thus
you would not issue Scientology materials of considerable weight
to people incapable of assimilating them.

The immediate result of the issuance of materials not intended for
that audience is to produce a state of confusion in the minds of that
audience regarding Scientology. Here we have no question of talk-
ing down to people. Here we have no question of 'watering'our
material, but we do have a question of dissemnating Scientology. If
we do it properly, then Scientology will be very broadly known. If
we do it improperly it will stop in its tracks, and be known, if at all,
as a confusion.

When materials are issued above the acceptance level of an
audience, a confusion results. A confusion in the antithesis of a
flow. Any communication resulting in a confusion then brings about
an eddy of confusion.   The employment of Scientology to the greatest
good of the greatest number of Dynamics does not include using it
knowingly or unknowingly to confuse hearers.

An  autline of the communication lines of Scientology follows:

1. The General public to the general public.
2. Scientologists to the general public
3. Member HASI to member HASI.
4. Trained Scientologist to a member of the HASI.
5. Member of HASI to a preclear.
6. Trained Scientologist to a preclear.
7. Trained Scientologist to a trained Scientologist.
8. HASI to membership
9. HASI to trained Scientologist.
10. HASI to the general public


There are several things we would like the general public to say
to the general public about Scientology.  The first of these is that we
would like the general public, when it sees an individual or group
problem, to be quite certain the proper thing to do is for that
individual or group to consult a Scientologist. For instance, if some-
body is having headaches, we would his friends to come to the
obvious solution that this person should see a Scientologist or should
join a group undergoing processing.

The meat on this communication line is that Scientology does not
pose any threat, that Scientologists are good citizens, and that they
can be trusted with problems of a private and confidential nature, or
with problems dangerous to other people such as the problem of
criminality.  Another frame of mind we would like to see the public
and  register is that people attacking Scientologists have something
wrong with them ( and if you could meet any such people per-
sonally  you would see that this is no more than truth). As a sub-
division of this, the actual substance of communication about what
Scientology is, from the general public to the general public, should
be that Scientology says that good health and immortality are attain-
able. That it is something compounded out of all Man knows of the
subject of Man, and that people are living units operating bodies,
rather than bodies, and that this living unit is the human soul. Given
this much communication line, the general public can embroider
enormously, and unless a person in the general public can express his
own opinions, and so let HIM be interestING, he will not talk about
the subject.  Thus the data in the general public should give
individuals a chance to be interesting, by knowing no more and no
less that the above.  We are not interested in sensationalism per-
sonalities, or the complexity of Scientology methodology being
discussed by the general public.  At a subdivision of this, we do not
want Scientology to be reported in the press, anywhere else than on
the religious page of newspapers.  It is destructive of word of mouth
to permit the public presses to express their biased and badly
reported sensationalism.  Therefore we should be very alert to sue
for slander at the slightest chance so as to discourage the public
presses from mentioning Scientology. What the newspapers say is
not word of mouth.  As an example of this, how many minutes today
have you spent discussing current events? NEWSPAPER
NOT EXPRESS SCIENTOLOGY. Scientologists should never let
themselves be interviewed by the press.  That's experience talking!

As a subdivision of general public to general public we have the
problem of the professionals which might consider Scientology to be
antipathetic to them, amongst these would be psychologists and
medical doctors as well as psychiatrists.  These persons are entirely
in error when they express the opinion that Scientologists are against

(5 or  6 words illegible) .....            -or system will produce in
22 percent, of the public, benefit.  Therefore, any practice or art
can always achieve 22 per cent recovery in thier patients. It is when
we better this 22 percent, that we are being efficient.  We have no
more quarrel with a psychologist that we would have with an Austra-
lian witch-doctor.  We have no quarrel with a pychiatrist any more
that we would quarrel with a barbarian because he has never heard
of nuclear physics.  As to the medical doctor, we know very
well that modern medical practice, having lately outgrown
phlebotomy, has come of age to  point where is can regulate structure
in a most remarkable and admirable way. In Scientology we believe
a medical doctore definitely has his role in a society just as an engineer
has his role in civil government.  We believe that a medical doctor
should perform emergency operations such as those made necessary
by accidents; that he should perform orthopeadics; that he should
deliver babies; that he should have charge of the administration of
drugs; that his use of antibiotics is beneficial; and that wherever
he immediately and curatively addresses structure his is of use in a
community.  The only place we would limit a medical doctor is in
the field of treatment of psychosomatic medicine, where he has ad-
mittedly and continously failed, and the only thing we would ask a
medical doctor to change about his practice is to stop taking money
for things he knows he cannot cure, i.e., spiritual, mental, psycho-
somatic, and social ills.

With regard to psychologists, medical doctors, and psychiatrists,
then, what would one say in talking to them? But again we have
section 10 of the Code of the Scientologist. You wouldn't expect this
psychologist, or phychiatrist, or medical doctor to get into an argu-
ment with you on how to get rats to find their way through mazes,
how you would set a tibia, or what voltage you would put on an
electric shock machine.  Therefore, and equally, do not permit your-
self to be put in the situation where you are discussing privately or
in public, the methodologies of your wisdom. The attitude of a
Scientologist toward people in these professions should be: "I have
my techniques. It took me a long time to learn them just as it
took you a long time to learn yours, and I am not going to try to
make a minster out of you, and you are not going to try to make a
medical doctor (psychiatrist, psychologist) out of me. I am an
expert instructor only where it is intimately involved with the human
spirit. I can produce my effects. You can produce yours. In view
of the fact that you do not pretend to operate in the field of the
human spirit, and I do not operate in the field of structure,
I do not see how there can be any discussion. But things that I
can't handle in structure when called upon I will be very happy to
refer to you, and I shall expect that when matters of the spirit come
into question you will have enough understanding of life, where we
are all specialists, to refer them to me" A quiet explanation of
this character will do a great deal to place you as a professional man
in thier realm of understanding of professional men.

In a hospital or an institution from some ????? malady which balked
the efforts of the professional men in charge of it, and should you
ever be "called upon the carpet" for having "interfered" with the pro-
gress of a cse, you should be extremely dismayed, and act it, to
find yourself in the prescence of barbarians who do not believe in the
power of prayer, in the will of God, or in the promises of Jesus Christ.
And you should point out that, whereas the body was in thier keep-
ing, they did not at any time care to take purview of the human
soul.  And if anything has occurred because the soul, in your pro-
vince, then reacted upon the body, you believe that they are
unwilling to admit the will of God in their treatment of human beings,
and if this is the case you now,  while you are being addressed by such
people, discover  yourself to be in a strange place where men pre-
tending to be Christians doubt God, the Son of God, and the power
of prayer. Your entire address to such people, in such a situation,
publically or privately, should be entirely overt, accusative, and not
at any time apologetic. And you should immediately make it your buss-
iness to place this matter before the proper authorities, that people
are in charge of an institution here, are not Christians, and do not
believe in God, and you should inform your accusers that you are
going to do so.

Should you ever be arrested for practicing Scientology, treating
people, make very sure, long before the time somes, that you have
never used drugs or surgery, and that you have never prescibed a
diet, or vitamins, and when that time might come, make very sure
that you immediately and instantly, within two or three hours after
your receipt of the warrant, have served upon the signer of the
warrant, a personal civil suit for $100,000.00 damages for having
caused the arrest of a Man of God going about his business in his
proper profession, and for having brought about embarrasing  pub-
licity and molestation.  place the suit and WIRE THE HASI
IMMEDIATELY.  Make the whole interest during the entire time
of such an unfortunate occurance the fact that the signer of such a
warrant, who would ordinarily be a medical doctor in charge of the
medical department of some city, had dared fly in the teth of
religion.  And we use what is necessary of the earlier passage above to
drive the point home. DO NOT simply fall back out of comm-
munication if you are attacked, but attack, much more forcefully and
artfully and arduosly. And if you are foolish enough to have an
attorney who tells you not to sue, immediately dismiss him and get
an attorney who will sue.  Or, if no attorney will sue, simply have
an HASI suit form filled out and present it yourself to the county
clerk in the court of the area in which your case has come up.


In other words, do not, at any moment leave this act unpunished,
for, if you do you are harming all other Scientologists in the area.
When you are attacked it is your responsiblity then to secure from
further attack not only yourself but all those who work with you.
Cause blue flame to dance over the court house roof until everybody
has apologized profusely for having dared to become so adventurous
as to arrest a Scientologist who, as a minsietr of the church, was
going about his regular duties.  As far as the advances of attorneys
go that you should not sue, that you should not attack, be aware of
the fact that I, myself, in Whichita, Kansas, had the rather interesting
experience of discovering that my attorney employed by me and paid
by me, had been for some three months in the employ of the
people who were attacking me, and that this attorney has collected
some insignificant sum of money after I hired him, by going over
to the enemy and acting upon their advices.  This actually occurred,
so beware of attorneys that tell you not to sue. And I call to you
attention the situation of any besieged fortress. If that fortress does
not make allies, does not send forth patrols to attack and harrass,
and does not utilize itself to make the beseiging of it a highly danger-
ous occupation, that fortress may, and most often does, fall.
[  The DEFENSE of anything is UNTENABLE.  The only way to ]
[defend anything is to ATTACK, and if you ever forget that, then you  ]
[ will lose every battle you are ever engaged in, whether it is in terms  ]
[of personal conversation, public debate or court of law. NEVER ]
[BE INTERESTED IN CHARGES.   DO, yourself, much MORE  ]
[CHARGING, and you will  WIN.  And the public, seeing that you ]
[won, will then have a communication line to the effect that Scientolo- ]
[gists WIN.  Don'y ever let them have any other though that that ]
[Scientology takes all its objectives.  ]

Another point directly in the interest of keeping the general public
to the general public communiaction line is good odor:  it is vitally
importnat that a Scientologist put into action and overtly keep in
action Article 4 of the Code: "I pledge myself to punish to the fullest
extent of my power anyone misusing or degrading Scientology to
harmful ends."  The only way you can gaurantee that Scvientology
will not be degraded or misued is to make sure that only those who
are trained in it practice it.  If you find somebody practicing
Scientology who is not qualified, you should give them the oppor-
tunity to be formally trained, at their expense, so that they will not
abuse and degrade the subject. And you would not take as any
substutute for formal training any amount of study.

You would therefore delegate to members of the HASI who are
not otherwise certified only those processes mentioned below, and
would discourage them from using any other processes. More par-
ticularly, if you discovered that some group calling itself "precept
processing" had set up and established a series of mettings in your
area, that you would do all you could to make things interesting for
them.  In view of the fact that the HASI holds copyrights for
all such material, and that a scientific organization of materials

can be copyrighted and therefore  owned. The least that could be
done to to such an area is the placement of a suit against them for using
materials of Scientology without authority. Only a member of the
HASI or a member of one of the churches affiliated with the HASI
has the authority to use this information. The purpose of the suit
[is to harass and discourage rather than win. ]

[   The law can be used very easily to harass, and enough harassment ]
[on somebody who is simply on the thin edge anyway, well knowing ]
[that he is not authorized, will generally be sufficient to cause his
pro- ]
[fessional decease.  If posible, of course, ruin him utterly ]

A D.Scn. has the power to revoke a certificate below the level of
D.Scn but not a D.Scn. However, he can even recammend to the
*CECS of the HASI that D Scns be revoked, and so any sincere
Scientologist is capable of policing Scientology.  This is again all
in the interest of keeping the public with good opinion of Sciento-
logy, since bad group processing and bad auditing are worse than
bad publicity and are the worst thing that can happen to the general
public to general public communication line.

The best thing that can happen to it is good auditing, good public
presentation, and a sincere approach on the subject of Scientology
itself. Remember, we are interested in ALL treatment being beneficial,
whether it is Scientology or not. For bad treatment in any line lowers
the public opinion of all treatment.

In addressing persons professionally interested in the ministry, we
we have another intersting problem in public presentation. We should
not engage in religious discussions. In the first place, as Scientologists,
we are gnostics, which is to say we know what we know. People
in the ministry ordinarily suppose that knowingness and knowledge
are elsewhere resident that in themselves.  They believe in belief
and substitute belief for wisdome. This makes Scientology no less a
religion, but makes it a religion with an older tradition and puts it
on an intellectual plane.

Religious philosphy, then as presented by Scientology, would
be opposed in such discussion to religious practice.  We are all-
denominational rather than non-demoninational, and we should be
perefectly willing to include in our ranks a Moslem, or a Taoist, as
well as any Protestant or Catholic, while people of the ministry in
Western civilization, unless they are evangelists, are usually dedicated
severely to some faction which in itself is in violent argument with
many other simliar factions. Thus these people are ready to argue
and are practiced in argument, and there are more interpretations of
one line of scripture than there are sunbeams in a day. Beyond
explaining one's all-denominatinal character, explaining that one
holds the Bible as a holy work, one should recognize that the clergy
of Western Protestant churches defines minister or standing....

*Committe for Examination, Certification and Services

L.Ron Hubbard

There have been three different OT Its put out by Hubbard.  here
they all are.

Earliest OT T

1.  On an E-Meter, find the last 3,000 years of lifetimes.  Plot
out the entire 3,000 year chart as follows:

(a)  Find an overt lifetime.  Get the identity and the
approximate dates of birth and death.  Find the overt
and pull all the justifications to it.

(b)  Find the following motivator lifetime, and follow
procedure as above.  (Identity and dates.)

(c)  Find the postulate from each lifetime and the basic
postulate in each group of lifetimes.

(d)  Continue the first three steps until the entire 3,000
years is charted and the individuals kharma, i.e. (over
motivator sequence) becomes apparent.

(e) In some cases additional benefit could be  obtained  by
locating the basic misunderstood which proceeded the
basic overt on this chain.

Second OT I

(a) Route I ... The entire 15 steps as listed  in  "Creation
of Human Ability".

(b) With an E-Meter, scan out entire present lifetime  to  a
floating needle.

(c)  Mock-up heat until body feels warm.

(d)  Postulating mass: With the use of the E-Meter and  the
command "I have Mass", create a reactive mind.  Put
sufficient significance on to,it to cause the T.A-  to
rise.  Then spot it until the T.A. falls and  the  mass
erases.  Run to an FIN.  Then mock it up again and erase
it each time to a floating needle.  This  procedure  is
repeated until the pre-OT is certain he can create  and
dissipate a reactive mind.

Third OT I

The current OT I is done outdoors and consists solely of one

command run until cognition.

"Spot a person"

concludes OT I



24th April, 1967

(Note:  These instructions are additional to those contained
in t-he Clearing Course Instruction Booklet.  All the rules for
running and Admin. instructions contained in that Booklet apply
equally to the running of OT Section II materials.  Read and study
t-he Booklet again as well as these instructions and know them
before doing any auditing.)


There are 10 complete whole track tables.

But only 1 of each kind of GPM in each table.  This is a
complete "Run" or set (1 of each kind).

The sets belong to different entities.  Ons finds the
earliest set and runs it with care to stay in that set.  Then one
finds the next earliest set and so on for ten sets.  just as in
running the CC GPM'S.

The Electrical is the earliest in the run (set).



Set One








*     THE  ARROW


*     WOMAN


*     HOT COLD










Same for 10 sets.


*  Note:  There is no line plot for THE  ARROW, DOUBLE ROD,
You will be issued a brief description of each of these in your
materials.  They should be run when you come to them.


This Bank occurs at several dates after (closer to PT) than
the R6 bank and is the next bank after R6.

It is an oddity as it has an electrical shock as the end word
rather than a word.  This was to CONVINCE a thetan he should think
of himself as an electrical Being.

The earliest is about the 210,000,866th, it occurs again at
various later dates, leapfrogging other types of GPM'S

ELECTRICAL GPM                                        Section 1

The Command Concept is Word & Shock.  The Concept is the
Command, the second "word" is the action of shock.  The shock is
an electrical impact and flow.

1.  Create (shock)
2.  Create no (shock)
3.  Destroy (shock)
4.  Destroy no (shock)


5.  Love (shock)
6.  Love no (shock)
7.  Hate (shock)
8.  Hate no (shock)
9.  Be (shock)
10.  Be no (shock)
11.  Disown (shock)
12.  Disown no (shock)
13.  Use (shock)                                  Section 2
14.  Use no (shock)
15.  Condemn (shock)
16.  Condemn no (shock)
17.  Seize (shock)
18.  Seize no (shock)
19.  Escape (shock)
20.  Escape no (shock)

This occurs to 89,796 to 310,096 to 350,021 to 97,868 and to
105,068 to 210,866, etc.  You may have others and different dates.

TOCKY GPM                                                Section 1

"Sun" swings across front left to right after each item and
gives read.  The word TIME is not spoken, only SUN Swing.


 1.  Create Sun Swing            2.  Create no Sun Swing
 3.  Abide Sun Swing             4.  Abide no Sun Swing
 5.  Enjoy Sun Swing             6.  Enjoy no Sun Swing
 7.  Welcome Sun Swing           8.  Welcome no Sun Swing
 9.  Share Sun Swing            10.  Share no Sun Swing
11.   Keep Sun Swing            12.  Keep no Sun Swing
13.   Hold Sun Swing            14.  Hold no Sun Swing
15.   Exploit Sun Swing         16.  Exploit no Sun Swing
17.   Deplore Sun Swing         18.  Deplore no Sun Swing
19.   Skip Sun Swing            20.  Skip  no Sun Swing
21.   Continue Sun Swing        22.  Continue no Sun Swing
23.   Forget Sun Swing          24.  Forget no Sun Swing

"That's what you get for making this Universe."  "Get Out-"

BIG BEING GPM                                           Section 1

Trillions 16,780th also  to  60,663.

Appearance of a Huge Being  in  sky.

2.  (a)  You Must Survive

2.  (a)  You Should Survive
(b)  You Shouldn't Survive


3-  (a)  You Can Survive
(b)  You Can't Survive

4.  (a) He Must Survive
(b)  He Mustn't Survive

5.   (a)  lie  Should Survive
(b)  He  Shouldn't Survive

6.  (a)  lie  Can Survive
(b)  He  Can't Survive

7.  (a)  They Must Survive
(b)  They Mustn't Survive

8.   (a)  They Should Survive
(b)  They Shouldn't Survive

9.  (a)  They Can Survive
(b)  They Can't Survive

10.   (a)  We Must Survive                        Section 2
(b)  We Mustn't Survive

11.  (a)  We Should Survive
(b)  We Shouldn't Survive


BIG BEING  GPM (cont'd)

12.  (a)  We Can Survive
(b)  We Can't Survive

23.   (a)  All Must Survive
(b)  All Mustn't Survive

14.   (a)  All Should Survive
(b)  All Shouldn't Survive

25.   (a)  All Can Survive
(b)  All Can't Survive

EXPLOSION  ........


So called because a House (internal room) may appear when it
is contacted.

This GPM may be in the bank two or more times around
Trillions 40,029 and Trillions 37,016

These dates may vary and some may have received it once or several

1 November 1966
The following do not have a Line Plot.    They are Implant
incidents, and should be located and plotted on your Track Table.
The dates given are sample dates and represent the approximate
time period only.  Run the basic of each, getting your own
reaction to it.
THE ARROW                              Tr 30,026
This consists of two Targets with an arrow pointing Into
each, counter poised.  The front target is white and the rear
one is black.

(A drawing is shown here, that has two arrows 180 degrees opposed
aimed at each other centerd on a target showing a front and back)

The Targets with the arrows already in appear for 1/10th
of a second, during which time it   tilts one way and then the
other.   It's terribly fast, so one made a picture to see
aftervwards what It was.   Get the speed it did this.   Get your
own reaction to it.    It's just a sudden appearance and dis-
appearance.   It bobbled in and bobbled out.

WOMAN                                  Tr 25,980
A "Women figure" Appeared before one. Nothing happened.
It just appeared and remained a few hours. It sort of "got
In one's 'face

WHITE BLACK SPHERE                    Tr 25.090

This Is a sphere an a pole.  The sphere and pole are Black
front.  Y-hits In back.   It's based the idea that a thetan

"can't think two thoughts at once".  It does not reverse.
It's not a very affective one,
HOT COLD                                Tr 20,095
This is a pole with a split in It.  The back split is
hots  the front one is cold.  Two temperatures.  Duration Is
1 1/8 seconds.

LAUGHTER - CALM                   Tr 19,670

This takes place in a cave.  It is 7 1/8ths of a second
in duration.    It has screams of laughter. very  wild. and calm.
Calm    =   a frozen numbness.

It is a pole with a split in it.  Laughter comes from
the rear half and  calm from the front half simultaneously.

Then they reverse.     It gives one a sensation of total disagree-
ment.  The trick is to conceive of both at the same time.

This tends to knock one out.

DANCE MOB                              Tr 18,992
The duration is 7/8ths of a second.  There  is  a  pole  that
pulls one in.  One is  caught  on  the  pole.  The  actual  incident
Is in connecting with this thing and trying to get off it.
The dancing comes after the  actual  Incident.  and  consists
of a mob dancing around one. chanting  various  things  (a  text).
In running this. get the phrases that are chanted.


O.T. COURSE PART ONE B            15.11.66
This  was found at TR 28,355, TR 28,670 and finally found
and run at TR 28,865.
DURATION:       1/2 second - corrected to 1/8 second.
INCIDENT:       Consists of a long shiny black rod moving
in from left to right.  Then  somehow  it  is
like 2 rods, or one rod with a split in the
middle, the left one being white and re-
volving forward, the right one being  black
and revolving backward. They then both
disappear forward and upward.
EXPERIENCE:     There is a tremendous feeling of EXCITEMENT
attached to this incident.
It has a sort of feeling attached to it as if it was
being squashed between the two revolving rods.

( A drawing is inserted here, of  two rods, whose centerlines
are the same, with a small space between then, captions indicate
left 'axle' is rotating with top edge toward viewer, labeled 'white'
right axle, is rotating with bottom edge toward viewer, labeled 'black',
arrow indicates ( Theta as Life Force), Not a thetan, is positioned
between the two contra-rotating shafts)


OT 11     14

This is a series of 5 GPM's, all the same pattern occuring
about trillions 214th Power years ago.

Run the two lines all as one line, not as separate items
for each number.

The Explosions occur "inside one's head" or, that is to
say, where the Thetan is.

When a student in the course does not have English as
his native tongue, or as language changes up through the years,
or when the Clearing Course is translated into another language.
The greatest care must be used to establish the exact
meaning or equivalent words.  The most precise meaning is
required and off shades will prevent erasure with much upset.
Such a student or translator must use a meter to obtain
the translated word and establish its correctness.  It will,
of course, be the most lasting read which lasts after all
other versions have ceased to read.
Ordinarily when you have the right equivalent. wrong
versions will not read.
Sometimes when you have discarded the right one you
have to regain it by finding which one reacts to 'suppress"
or "challenge".  Only the right version reacts to these.



Directions for running
This is a 96 Item bank
The items are pairs 48 items apart.
Run 1 and 49 are opposites.
Start at the bottom.  Get all the reads off the 1st
line of the item "To--- ---- ----           inclusive".  Then
get all of the reads off the 2nd line of the item.
"not to -- -- ---".   Then get all the reads off both.
Your work sheet should look like this.


THE LOWER BANK               24 Aug. 1966
1.  To build a Postulatingness machine
Not to postulate yourself
2.  To build a thinkingness machine
Not to think  yourself
3.  To build an ideafyingness machine
Not to ideanize yourself
4.  To build a reasoningness machine
Not to reason yourself
5.  To build a solvingness machine
Not to solve  yourself
6.  To build an orderingness machine
Not to order  yourself
7.  To build A spacingness machine
Not to space  yourself
8.  To build A timingness machine
Not to time yourself


Section Three

The bead of the Galactic Federation (76 planets  around  larger
stars visible from here) (founded 95,OOO,OOO years ago,  very  space
opera) solved overpopulation (250 billion or so per planet  -  178
billion on average) by mass implanting.. He caused people to be
brought to Teegeeack (Earth) and put an H-Bomb on the  principal
volcanos incident II) and then the  Pacific  area  ones  were  taken
-in boxes to Hawaii and the Atlantic area ones to Las Palmas and
there "packaged".  His name was  Xenu.  He  used  renegades.  Various
misleading data by means of circuits etc was placed in the
unplants.  When through with his crime loyal officers (to the
people) captured him after six years of battle and put him  in  an
electronic mountain trap where he still is.  "They"  are  gone.  The
place (Confederation) has since been a desert.  The length and
brutality of it all was such that this Confederation never
recovered.  The implant is calculated to kill  (by  pneumonia  etc)
anyone who attempts to solve it.  This liability has been
dispensed with by my tech development.
one can freewheel through the implant and die unless  it  is
approached as precisely outlined.  The  "freewheel"  (auto-running
on and on) lasts too long, denies sleep etc and one  dies.  So  be

careful to do only Incidents I and II as given and not plow around
and fail to complete one thetan at a time.

In December 1967 1 know someone had to take the plunge.  I
did and emerged very knocked out, but alive.  Probably the only
one ever to do so in 75,000,000 years.  I have all the data now,
but only that given here is needful.

One's body is a mass of individual thetans stuck to oneself
or to the body.

One has to clean them off by running incident II and Incident
1.  It is a long job, requiring care, patience and good auditing.
You are running beings.  They respond like any preclear.  Some
large, some small.

Thetans believed they were one.  This is the primary error.
Good luck.
*  *  *

For the purpose of clarity, by BODY THETAN is meant a thetan
who is stuck to another thetan or body but is not in control.

A THETAN is, of course, a Scientology word using the Greek
theta which was the Greek symbol for thought or life.  An

individual being such as a man is a thetan, he is not a body  and
he does not think because he has a brain.

A CLUSTER is a group of body thetans crushed or hold together
by some mutual bad experience.

Character of Body Thetans

Body Thetans are just Thetans.  When you get rid of one he
goes off and possibly squares around, picks up a body or  admires
daisies.  He is in fact a sort of cleared Being.  He  cannot  fail
to eventually, if not at once, regain many abilities.  Many  have
been asleep for the last 75,000,000 years.  A body Thetan responds
to any process any Thetan responds to.

Some body Thetans are suppressive A suppressive  is  out  of
valence in R6.  lie is in valence in Incident I almost always.

One can't run a human being on these two incidents since
human beings are composites and would not be able to run the lot.
Aside from that, non-clears are way below awareness required to
even find these Incidents.

Huge amounts of charge have already been removed from the
case and the body thetans by Clearing and OT I and OT II to say
nothing of engrams and lower grades.

Awareness is proportional to the charge removed from the


Although a human is a composite being there is only one I
(that is you) who runs things.

Body thetans just hold one back.

You will continue to be you.  You, inside, can of course
separate out body thetans and so solo auditing is the answer.  How
good do you have to be to run body thetans off?  Well, if you
didn't skip your grades, Clearing and OT II particularly, you.
should be able to'command body thetans easily.
*  *  *

Incident II is over 36 days long.  Capture on other planets
was weeks or months before the implant.  Those on Teegeeack
(Earth) were just blown up except for Loyal officers who were
(shortly before the explosion on Earth) rounded up.

Do not scan through the duration of 36 days.  The volcanic
explosion on Earth to the point where "the pilot" says he is
mocking it up is only a few days.

Sequence of Incident II for thetans on another planet -

(1)  Capture (being shot),
(2)  freezing,
(3)  transport to Teegeeack (sometimes via a relay point),
(4)  being placed near a volcano,
(5)  beginning implant up to "the pilot",
(6)  various picture sequences,,
(7)  the 7s and C.C. and OT II materials,
(8)  36 days of picture implants which give a vast array of
materials and three explanations for the bombing,
(9)  transport to Hawaii or Las Palmas for packaging up into
The pictures contain God, the Devil, angels, space opera,
theaters, helicopters, a constant spinning, a spinning dancer,
trains and various scenes very like modern England.  You name it,
it's in this implant  we call in its entirely "R6"-
if one was a Loyal Officer on Teegeeack, the sequence was (1)
capture (2) number 5 above on.  If one was a citizen of Teegeeack
there was only number 5 on.

The material given at the various "volcanos' was longer or

shorter, but dovetailed into the same sequence of pictures.  We

have the whole text but it is needless.

People who feel dizzy have gotten into the spinning part.

Incident I occurred about 4 quadrillion years ago plus or
minus.  it is very much earlier than Incident II which occurred
only 75 million years ago (a bit less).

Incident II is only peculiar and general on this planet and
nearby stars, whereas Incident I is to be found on all thetans.

The Basic on BT's

I've isolated a way a thetan comes to be stuck to another
thetan.  This gives the basis of clusters and having BT's.

A thetan collides with another.  That one makes a picture of
being collided with.  Other BT's get stuck to the picture.

The noment of actual contact of thetans was brief but the
picture (containing a stop or withdraw) tends to be permanent.

Thetans then get the idea they can be permanently stuck as
they see pictures of it happening.

Thus we get the concept of a "black theta body".  This would
be actual BT's stuck to a thetan plus pictures of BT's stuck to a

An answer to all this is to find the first picture a thetan
made of contacting another thetan.

If not at once available the earliest instance of a thetan
contacting (colliding, running into, attacking) another thetan
could be achieved by R3R on being suddenly hit with clusters or
strange beings.

The idea is to find and run the "first picture" one made of
another thetan.

This opens another way to "blow off" BT'S - run R3R on  a BT

to the first picture the BT ever made of another thetan.


Locate by meter read or an area of pressure, a body thetan or
group (cluster).  Run Incident 11.  If the BT does not blow off or
'the group break up and blow, then run Incident I on individual
BT's.  Each will blow off with an FIN.

When you can find no more on which to run Incident I's, once
wore locate a pressure area or by meter read on looking over body
run another Incident II.  Then Incident 1's on any.

Incident II made clusters of BT's.  Severe impacts and

experiences ALSO make clusters.  (See the data called "Milazzo" in
this pack.)  Those who do not leave on running the impact or its
chain will leave when Incident I Is run on them.

Incident II sometimes forms gigantic clusters.  In such there
is a leader, an alternate leader and several (eight to eighteen)
more.  These were all implanted in different volcanic areas with
fractions of the nain 36 day implant and then "packaged" in Las
Palmas or Hawaii.  Thus if you run Incident II as far as "the
pilot" it blows up or loosens up and those who don't go away can
be run on Incident I's.

Do not speak your commands.  Just "intend" them.  A BT
controls easily.  BT's can be ARC broken by rough or careless
auditing.  You can also run an incident II on a BT and he doesn't
blow, but you accidentally run in Incident I on another one and
leave the first still there.  The remedy is to run Incident I's on
anything you find.

A very SP BT can be run on grades and Power and should then

respond to Incident II and Incident I.

After a BT leaves, some other BT may copy him or the incident
just run.

If you have found a cluster (pressure area) that does not

respond or disintegrate to Incident II running, get Dianetic
auditing, listing "What impact or incident would cause a  cluster?"
and R3R on the items found.  Then do more Incident I's to  clean  up
the strays with solo.  This is a refined "Milazzo".

There are hundreds of BT's you will find.

If you find none, get audited on Dianetics in general and as
above (impact list), and if you still find none, get a  Review  GF40
and handle all items, then go back to solo.

If you find only one or two, get the Dianetic impact list.
All "none on OT III" cases were later found loaded.

Do Incident II and Incident I's on what you can find  to  begin
with.  You will do fine.  Good hunting.

Certain "buttons" have to be gotten in where running a thetan
through incidents.  The EFFORT TO STOP the motion hangs up the
action and gives a stuck picture.  One gets the EFFORT TO STOP off
and the scene races through.

The EFFORT TO WITHDRAW is important also and hangs up the
action and creates a vacuum.

RUSH, PROTEST* NOT-IS, SUPPRESS are also present.

These were actions - thoughts - the thetan had during the
Incident and are picked up only when the incident doesn't  run
well.  Sometimes two "buttons" such as STOP and WITHDRAW are in

Thetans in the body may obsessively copy the pictures  of
other thetans.  Therefore you  can find it seems that the thetan
who just left is still there because there is a picture  left.
Spot the fact that someone else copied it and it usually goes.

If you do an S & D on a body thetan be sure you give  the
right item to the right thetan.

Cross Auditing

When one runs Incident I out of one thetan and then Incident
11 out of another (thinking it was the first one) one can get a
partially run body thetan who won't blow, but who may start to go
on through the whole of R6 automatically (since the basic-basic
Incident  I is not run, yet Incident II is).  One can get quite ill
doing this as the illness in R6 can turn on.


One can also "feel no wish to audit".  All "no desire to

audit" is some large blunder on a case.

The way you can run Incident I out of one thetan and Incident
11 out of another is rather easy.  one fails to notice the first
one blow on having Incident I run and runs Incident 11 on another.

As a matter of data, the only trouble in a III OT run is
running an Incident I on one thetan and an Incident II on another,
thinking it was the first one.  A pre-OT can freewheel into R6 if
you run only an incident II.  You can stop a freewheel at once by
running Incident I off the same thetan you ran the Incident II on
that started a freewheel.
Freewheel means that the PC goes on automatic continuous run.
Incident II is R6  75,000,000 years ago.  Incident I is about 4
quadrillion years ago.  Both, all thetans on this planet and 21
nearby stars have in common.  All thetans in the universe have
incident I.  Only those in this old Confederation have Incident II
and R6.  All C.C. and OT II materials are in R6  75,000,000 years
ago.  These are followed by 36 days worth of motion pictures -
God, Devil, space opera, trains, cars, helicopters, crashes,
stage etc.  This R6 is 75,000,000 years ago  and this planet and

If the volcano bit is run as per III directions but the Incident I
Is not run on the same thetan, R6 begins to run off on automatic,
the Being can't sleep for days, the body dies.  That's the way it
was designed.
Overrun on ITT

The only way you can get a read on "Overrun on III" is to
have accidentally run Incident I out, and then later run it  out
again on the same thetan or make a similar blunder.  Example:  One
flattens Incident I by several passes on a body thetan.  This body
thetan for some reason (mostly because Incident 11 was then  not
run) does not fly off.  Then, not noticing, one again  finds  the
same thetan and once more seeks to run Incident 1.  One then gets,
In answer to the question "Overrun on III?" a lot of reads and
overrun phenomena.

The remedy is to find out WHO was overrun and get the charge
off by that action.

One then runs Incident 11 on that thetan or in any event, by
getting off the charge of "overrun". letting the thetan depart.

Just because one's meter reads "Overrun an III" is no reason
to attest., Find out who was. lt's almost always a  body  thetan.

A BT can be overrun past erasure.  This fact sometimes causes
a solo auditor to believe OT Ill is overrun.

If he asks "Is OT III overrun?" he may get a read and
blowdown.  This is actually usually just one BT or cluster that is
overrun.  The remedy is discovering and indicating the point of
overrun.  And carry on with OT III.

Running OT III

When running OT III the solo auditor handles body thetans as
he would any other PC, for the general idea is to run them
standardly and not ARC Break them.  He does not scan through
anything in order to find body thetans.

when a solo auditor can find no more body thetans he can
attest, or run a pressure area down and handle as per his running
The pre-OT could be exterior and the Interiorization
processes can be run in Review to help him through.

Here are three reasons why a pre-OT might have trouble whilst
running BT's on Incident II -

(1)  It is the wrong area;
(2)  it is not the volcano of the BT being run;
(3)  it is not an Incident II, but another incident of a
different date.

Check (1) and (2) If you are having any difficulty in running
Incident 11 and handle by locating the correct area or finding the
volcano of the BT being run.  if it is not a II, simply check for
t-he date and if different run it-.

OT III Errors

Amongst OT III errors are "a BT run on Incident I fails to
blow".  There are three reasons:

(a)  Auditor is trying to run a cluster with an Incident I.
The right thing to do is date and get the character of
the incident that made it a cluster and then run
Incident Its on those left when it breaks up.  Or get
Dianetic auditing.

(b)  There is an earlier Incident I on the same BT.  Find it
and run it.  The BT has a chain of them all by himself.

(c)  Another BT is copying the Incident I just run so it
looks like it didn't blow.  Failure to ever run Incident

It can also cause a bog.  Routine Dianetic auditing  by  a
Dianetic HDC who is also on or above OT III using  triple
flows and LDN OT III also handles bogged OT III  pre-

Cluster Formation - Cumulative

In doing a cluster one is likely to find it is made  up  of
other earlier clusters.  This looks like  this.  1898  impact  horse
accident.  When engram 1898 run on R3R, that part blows.  No F/N
occurs, TA remains up.  Remainder will grind after the blow.
Earlier portion dates as 93,000,000 years ago,  electric  shock.
When run on R3R, that part blows, no FIN.  TA  remains  up,  will
grind if run further.  Earliest portion dares as 72 trillion
implant.  When run on R3R, all blow, FIN.
A cluster or engram which is a cluster can repeatedly  FIN  as
BT's blow.  Dates as 778 million explosion.  After  run  once  or
twice an FIN occurs as one BT blows.  Run again to second FIN as
two more BT's blow.  Remainder blow with a  wider  FIN.  The  cluster
has gone.  This happens (repeating FIN) when picture  persists  and
noter check reveals it is not a copy.  It will be  more  BT's  in
same cluster.  So above repeating FIN occurs when  pre-OT  is  moved
through it.  Clusters are found by meter dating,  listing  for  type
of incident and run as an engram.  Clusters can  occur  at  Incident
.II and Incident I. They can also occur at 1 quadrillion,  which  is

the Clearing course materials.  They also occur at random dates

for different reasons.

* * *

I have lately been C/Sing a number of failed OT cases and
have found them all running well on solo now.  The errors are made
as follows:

(1)  The solo auditor cannot audit, needs more training.
(2)  Cases are not well prepared with Dianetics.

The remedy for all of these is to:

(a)  Run the PC for at least a score or two of Dianetic
items by R3R, done of course by a good HDC,
(b)  then do a GF 40.

And then repeat it until necessary auditing is complete.  These
two actions take care of the majority of difficult cases on OT

The real End Phenomena of OT III and OT IV is exterior with
:full perception.  You can and should accomplish full stable
exteriorization on doing the materials of III.

Further III remedies:

(3)  high TA.  This comes from not completing  the  Incidents
I and II on body thetans.
(4)   The solo auditor puts too wide an intention on the BT
and runs two or three when he is intending to run  only
(5)   A cluster just won't break up.  The remedy is  a  Dianetic
session listing for impacts or incidents that would
cause a cluster and doing R3R.  The principle  of  earlier
similar holds good.  When this is completed, the solo
auditor is sent back to solo to clean up the BT's  shaken
loose and to continue with OT III.
(6)   Rudiments go out on BT's.  The remedy of course is to
locate BT's who have out-ruds, put in the ruds and  run
Incident 1, at which the ST should leave.
(7) A theta-bopping meter sometimes puzzles  a  solo  auditor
-on OT Ill.  This means a BT is trying  to  exteriorize  and
can't.  The remedy is to complete the partially run
Incident 11 or Incident I or in extreme cages put the
ruds in on the hung up BT.
(8)   one-hand electrode giving wrong TA read baffling the
solo auditor with floating needles with a high TA.  The
remedy is to have two-hand electrodes handy and trim  the
trim knob so the one-hand electrode reads the same as
two-hand electrodes.

(9)  A suppressive body thetan sometimes isn't auditable.
The remedy is to run Grades IV or V on him.
(10)  By far and large the corniest error and which has been
very prevalent is not knowing the materials of OT III or
the content of Incident II or Incident I.
OT III is a vital grade.  One fronts up to it and does it.  When
he is really done, the rewards of OT III and IV exceed his wildest

Rudiments Going Out On BT's

When the ruds go out on BT's during the session the solo
auditor recognizes the following:
BT critical - withhold from auditor
BT antagonistic - bypassed charge in session
No TA   problem
BT  sad  ARC Break
Soaring TA - Overrun or protest (also more than one BT being
run in error or it's a cluster)
Auditor tired - no sleep or incomplete Incident Its
Auditor dope-off - bypassed FIN or not enough sleep
Auditor no-interest - out ruds on BT's

A solo auditor who isn't sure what it is, but runs into
trouble with a BT is smart to end off the session quickly, write
down the full observation and get it to the C/S.  The solo auditor
who knows what he is looking at as per the above scale (and the
C/S the C/S would give), handles it promptly.
BT critical = w/h = pull the withhold
BT antagonistic = BPC  assess proper list (such as LlC) and
No TA (or case gain)  problem = locate the problem and
BT sad = ARC Break - locate and handle itsa E/S itsa
Soaring Ta = C/R or protest (also more than one BT being run
in error or it's a cluster) - find which and handle
(running more than the one intended comes from too wide
an intention)
Auditor tired = no sleep or incomplete Incident I's = check
which it is and handle
Auditor dope-off = lack of sleep or bypassed F/N = check On
sleep or rehabilitate F/N
Auditor no-interest = out-ruds on BT's = put in ruds.

OT III Auditing

OT III pre-OT's got a reputation of being hard to run on

Dianetics early on in Dianetic re-development.  Only five reasons
exist for this.

(1)  A person that high on OT grades audits fast and a comm-
laggy Dianetic auditor can drive him up the wall.
(2)  Too quiet or too blurred TR 1.
(3)  A tendency to evaluate instead of using TR 4.
(4)  The numerousness of BT chains on the same item (the BT's
being separated now) making several chains on the same
item, which if not all run separately leave the PC ARC
Broken with the bypassed charge of unrun BT's.
(5)  The OT II who is still on OT III and has been on it a
while probably himself has no pictures and all the
pictures he has are BT pictures.
The lower grades PC (before Clear) reacts as a composite
Being, all on one chain, so to speak.  He is separated into
himself and the individual BT's and clusters of them when he gets
to OT II, and so audits differently.  He easily misowns the
pictures thinking they are his.  The big blowdowns you get on such
a PC's item indicates several BT's have it in common.  A solo III
however will be found to have the same item on more than one BT in
many  cases.
* * *

The reason for low TA is unflat OT III phenomena.  If a
person has had a low TA in lower grades the keynote is to take  it
easy as auditor and COS.  This applies also to any  auditing  given
on upper OT levels.
That a PC's TA goes below 2.0 is a certain indicator of
unflat OT III.  He's still got some.  When a  person  cannot  handle
OT III he is too much at effect.  He cannot project his intention.
And so can't run OT III.  The new OT I and OT II,  particularly  OT
II, are designed to increase a PC's ability to project his
intention to others.  If he can't, they overwhelm him and  you  get
low TA or "none on III".  Harsh, overbearing auditing or life.
incidents have to occur, apparently, to drive the TA down.

Overts, disagreements expressed as obsessive agreement and
other lower level matters are at the bottom of this in any Being.

But any case of low TA I have ever found has been:

(1)  overwhelmed in life;
(2)  unable to project intention;
(3)  physically inactive;
(4)  loaded with BT's;
(5)  tends to go out of valence easily.

in all this number (4) is the important point.

Endless OT III and low TA are alike - inability to project
Intention, PC at effect.  Remedy by lightly causing PC to come to
cause, to be able to project his intention and thus flatten OY
III.  That will complete and finish off low TA.

* * *

It does not matter whether or not you ran Incident I and II
on self.  The End Phenomena of III is getting rid of all body
thetans.  This does not necessarily include self.  if you overrun
Ill it will be by trying to get rid of tore body thetans than
there were or by then, having gotten rid of the others, starting
In on self.  So Ill is complete for purposes of overrun as above.
If you have not done Incident I and II on self when above is
achieved, attest completion and then do I and 11 on self.

EP's  No BT's left - OT III

Exterior - OT IV

List of Volcanos

There were two zones of assembly after the thetan was
implanted.  Thetans of volcanos in Asia and the Pacific were

taken to Hawaii. Thetans of Atlantic areas were taken to Las Palmas.

Asia and Pacific

North Japan                 Mt. Shasta
South Japan                 San Gorgornio
Krakajawia                  Indonesia
Mount Washington            Philippines
Mount Ranier                Himalayas
Mount Hood                  (Hawaii)

Tangier                     (Las Palmas)
St. Helena                  Canada

(Spelling not guaranteed)
(List may be incomplete)


75,000,000 years ago on this planet.  Sometimes capture was
on another planet and explosion on this planet, then called

Teegeeack. -Locate area of explosion.  Pictures of explosion
follow it.  Get original explosion.  Effort to stop usually


(R6 materials follow, then days of pictures of God, Devil,

(Thetan usually cognites on pilot or before (or on first
incident) and leaves.)

Incident I

Occurs at start of track (4 quadrillion years ago).


Effort to stop must be gotten off (sometimes to hurry).
Run as an engram.



OT IV Rundown


Has completed OT III

OT IV Warning.

This is in fact a grade.  Therefore to run it without setting
the case up fully is to waste it.

Often the case has to:

(1)  Be discharged with a lot of corrective actions and
(2)  OT ill must be run on the PC by the auditor or at least
cleaned up.  It might not be uncommon to have to do half
or more of the C/Ses in the book before doing the OT IV

If one holds off and really flies the case, then the person

winds up at OT Exterior very nicely when one does OT IV.

If you do OT IV and he's still in his head, all is not lost,

you have other actions you can take.  Clusters, Prep-Checks,

failed to exteriorise directions.

OT V and VI are designed for someone already exterior.  If a
person doesn't go exterior after OT IV Rundown you set him up for
V by then seeing he jolly well does go exterior before going on to

OT IV Rundown
Done only by an Auditor on a Case fully set up by various

2 April 1978


The end phenomenon of OT IV is "Certainty of Self as a
Being".  The thing that would make a Being uncertain is the
possibility of future implants.  OT iv Solo is designed to "proof
up a Being" against any possibility of being re-implanted now  that
he/she has finished running implants with the completion of OT

The main idea on OT IV Solo is to mock-up (create) each line
of the Cle  aring Course (7's, The Basic End Words, The Confusion
GPM, Objects-Hollow, Objects-Solid) with all the perceptics,
force, impact, and unconsciousness of the original implant (as
much as you are able).  When the line is mocked up (created or
recreated), then unmock it, cease creating it, and blow the  charge
you have recreated or mocked up.  Do this repetitively with each
line of the Clearing Course (including lights) to a floating
needle on each line.  Continue until you feel totally free with
and at cause over this implant sequence; (you may or may  not  need
to complete all 5 parts).  Do it until you can freely and easily
mock-up and blow this implant and can confront implants.

Lastly, scan out all of your auditing early to late adding  up
all the hours in session as you go along.

Come up with a total number of auditing hours for yourself.

Find and run a havingness process.

Attest to OT IV

(1)  Rudiments or GF (Green Form) to FIN.
(2)  Rehab Drugs.
(3)  Valence Shifter.  "What valence would be safe?"
(4)  Rehab ARC Straight Wire to Grade IV.
(5)  Rehab R6EW - OT II.
(6)  Prepcheck OT Ill.
(7)  Rehab OT V &.VI.
(8)  Run "What has been Overrun?"
(9)  Run "What can you confront?"



end phenomena of OT IV Audited only by a Class VIII.)



Gain Freedom from Fixated

Introversion into MEST

For eons, man has speculated and guessed about the nature of the
Physical Universe.  There have been many opinions and much
discussion.  Even the modern physicist, with his many names and
labels, is still in the dark when it comes to how it got here and
why.  Before Scientology, the exact truth about the MEST Universe
was lost, and the way out of the trap unknown.  Lies and
misinformation had taken the place of the truth.

In 1967, L. Ron Hubbard released Section V of the Operating Thetan
Course, the most powerful level released up to that time.  On OT V
you learn the truth about the Physical Universe, not the laws of
physical scientists, but the basic considerations about Matter,
Energy, Space and Time.

The tremendous power that this universe -seems to have over thetans
resulting in entrapment, degradation and death, is traced to its

source.  As you exteriorize from the Physical Universe at Section
V. you discover exactly what MEST is, and become free of its laws.

At OT V, a Being is re-familiarized as a thetan exterior with the
Physical Universe.  OT drills are done to remarkably increase a
Being's ability to communicate with his environment.  He is now
able to do so, totally free of the mind and body, and free from a
fixated introversion into MEST.

Solo auditing on this level serves as an introduction to the
rehabilitation of his total abilities as a thetan.  He learns to
-use his new abilities Is a thetan with wisdom and judgment.


Pre OT is to lie down in a comfortable position with eyes shut.

(1)  Spot a spot in the room.
(2)  Spot a spot in your body.

Alternate 1 and 2 until commands are flat then,

(3)  Spot two spots in your body.
(4)  Spot two spots outside.

Alternate 3 and 4 until flat then,

(5)  Spot a spot outside.
(6)   Spot a spot  on  the  sun.

(Notice the distance between.)

(7)  Spot  two  spots   outside.
(8)  Spot two spots on the sun.

(Notice what happens.)

The pre OT may exteriorize during these drills but doesn't
necessarily have to.

While still inside with eyes shut in a comfortable position the
pre-OT is to follow the following commands and write down any
major cognitions.

(9)   Spot an object in the-room.
(10)   Spot  an  object  outside.
(11)   Locate  a  moving  object.
(12)   Locate a spot in your body.
(13)   Spot  a  motion.
(14)   Locate  a space.
(15)   Spot  a  Thetan.

Continue   the  above steps until major cognition, very good

indicators or exteriorization occurs.

The following steps are done outside.  The pre OT takes a paper
and pencil with him to take notes.

1.  The pre-OT is to put his attention on an object that is ahead
of him like a parked car, lamp post, etc. and walk towards it
noticing the distance between him and it.  He is to continue to do
this until cognition.

2.  Next the pre-OT is to again pick out an object ahead of him
and wrap in energy beam around it and himself and pull himself
toward the object with shortening of the beam.

Notice what happens.

3.  Locate an object, draw energy from it into you.  Repeat at
least ten times.

Note any cognitions.

4.  Locate an object as above and walk toward it.  Notice what is
holding you to it.

5.  Notice a cloud and notice the space between you and it.

6.  Notice your body.

7.  Notice the motion of the earth and your relationship to it.

8.  Notice something about 10 people.

Do all the above steps to a cognition.

Note:  Originally it was not necessary to be exteriorized in order
to do OT V or VI 6.  Recently however, it has been changed and the
state of exteriorization is supposed to be achieved by OT 4
thereby leaving OT V and VI to be done while exterior.


Each of the following processes are run to a

(1)  Floating needle
(2)  Major cognition
(3)  Regained ability.

(Preferably all three together as the ideal end.  End Phenomena.)

Be  Three feet in back of your head.  Whatever you are looking at,
copy it a dozen times, put it into you.  Find the two back corners
of the room and hold onto them without thinking for two minutes.

Find two corners of the planet Earth, hold onto them for two

Find a place where you are not.
Spot three spots in your body.
Spot three spots in the room.

Be in the following places:
The room, the sky, the moon, the sun.

Locate an animal .. postulate him moving from one spot to another.
Observe him doing this.

Find a walking man ... postulate his walking faster.  Do this with
20 people.

Find a walking person .. postulate that he will stop, then
continue walking.  Do this 20 times.

Find a person in a distant land.  Notice the time of  day.  Notice
the terrain.  Notice the general environment.  Smell the air.
Locate a thought that is his.  Locate a thought that is yours.
Continue until flat.
'Notice differences between you and your body.

Create in your body a feeling of calmness;  create in your body
sexual desire and turn it off.  Continue that step until you  feel
you have control over the sexual drives.  Create in the body a
feeling of pain.  Create in the body a feeling of serenity.  Do
the above until flat.  Create in the body a feeling of hunger  and
turn it off.  Continue this step until you are in control of
hunger drives.
The end result of these particular drills is the regained ability
to control the body and its sensations.
Now:  Postulate Anger, boredom, grief, cheerfulness and serenity -
-- in that order.  This is continued until you are sure that you
can create any emotion.

Finally, exteriorized visit a friend who lives in another state.

Greet him and flow affinity to him.  Ask him to communicate to you

by letter.

End of OT VI


June 1979 Revision

1.  Basic Processes Set-up.

What are you willing to cause?
What are you willing to be the effect of?

Decide something.

Clear intention.  (Very thoroughly.)  Have client use word in at
least six sentences.  (If needed.)
*CDP/MCP "Intention"
1.  What is a clear intention.
2.  Give me an example.
3.  What isn't a clear intention.
4.  Give me an example.

2 W/C .. the subject of intention.



Recall  an  intention.


invent  (mock-up)  some  intentions.

CDP - Creative Definition Procedure
MCP - Meaning  Control  Procedure
These are both Eductivism procedures for clearing words.

F-2.  Tell me a thought/intention you would be willing to receive
from another..  (Whichever reads.)
F-2.    Tell me a thought/intention another would be willing to
receive from  you.
F-3.    Tell me a thought/intention others would be willing to
receive from others.
F-0.    Tell me a thought/intention you'd be willing to receive from

F-1.  What intention of yours has another helped?
What  intention  of  yours   has  another not helped?
F-2.    What  intention  of  another's  have you helped?
What  intention  of  another's  have you not helped?
F-3.    What  intention  of  another's  have others helped?
What  intention  of  another's  have others not helped?

F-0.  What intention of yours have you helped?

What intention of yours have you not helped?

F-1.   What intention of another's could you confront?
What  intention  of  another's would you rather not confront?
F-2.    What  intention  of  yours could another confront?
What  intention  of  yours would another rather not confront?
F-3.    What  intention  of  another's could others confront?
What  intention  of  another's would others rather not
F-0.   What  intention  of  yours could you confront?
What  intention  of  yours would you rather not confront?
F-1.  What intention of yours could another be responsible for?
F-2.  What intention of another's could you be responsible for?
F-3.  What intention of another's could others be responsible for?
F-0.  What intention of yours could you be responsible for?
Give me an unknown  datum.
OT7-14 (PAB 69)
Tell me some orders you wouldn't mind receiving.
Tell me something that would obey you.

Get the idea I can place an intention.
Get the idea I cannot place an intention.

II.  L & N Intention Process
Has an intention been....

Suppressed                       Forgotten
Invalidated                      Hidden
Blunted                          Avoided
Abandoned                        Altered
Denied                           Twisted
Enforced                         Changed
Desired                          Completed
Decided                          Made Wrong

on biggest reading item     L & N ...
What intention has been                ?
R3R Quad if evil intention.

III.  Placing @houghts and intentions (inside Auditing room).

A.  Spot an object.
B.  Locate an object from which you are separate.

Locate an object which is separate from you.

Think a thought.
Creatively place that thought in/on that.  (Indicated object.)
]Row creatively get that (indicated object) thinking that thought.
Creatively have that (indicated object) continue thinking that
Creatively have that (indicated object) cease thinking that

Clear intention.

Mock up (invent) an intention.

Get the idea of placing (or place) that intention in that
(indicated object).

>From (indicated point) make a choice between (indicated positions
or objects).

Putting the decision on (in) that (indicted object) make a
decision about it.

Decide something.

IV.  Outside Processes with an Auditor (objects).

Spot an object.

Locate an object from which you are separate.
Locate  an object which is separate from you.

Think a thought in (on) that (object or position)
Do you see that (     object    )?
Think a thought in (on) it.
Did the thought appear where it is?

>From (indicated point) make a choice between (indicated positions
or objects).

Putting the decision on (in) that (indicated object) make a
decision about it.

V.  Outside Processes with an Auditor (people).

Spot an acceptable energy source.

Spot a person.

Locate  a person from whom you are separate.
Locate  a person who is separate from you.

Point out a difference between that person's body and yours.

Tell me something you really know about that person.
What would you permit that person to know about you?

Postulate perfection into that person.
Now postulate perfection into that one.

Tell me something you wouldn't mind knowing about that person.
Tell me something you wouldn't mind that person not-knowing about

Think a Thought in (on) that person
Do you see that person?
'Think a thought in (on) him/her?
Did t-he thought appear where it is?
>From that person make a choice between (indicated positions or
Putting the decision on (in) that person, make a decision about
Decide something.


VI    Inside Processes Solo
(On the Meter)

Spot an object.
Mock-up a confusion.
Unmock it;
What confusion could you create?

Mock-up a communication terminal.
Mock-up another communication terminal.
Dispose of these mock-ups.

What wouldn't you mind communicating with.

Kock-up your (father, wife, mother, husband).
Mock him (her) up again.
Dispose of these mock-ups.

How could you appreciate another as a human Being.
How could another appreciate you as a human Being.
How could you appreciate yourself as a human Being.
How could another appreciate themselves as a human Being.
How could another appreciate another as a human Being.


Find and run a havingness process on yourself.

VIII   Outside Processes Solo
(Off the Meter)
Spot a  person
Spot a  Thetan.
1.  Go to a place with lots of people.
2.  Spot them one at a time.
3.  As you spot each person, do the following:

A.  Perceive the individual as a Life Source (Thetan).
B.  Know something about that person.
C.  Be willing to not-know something about that person.

D.  Grant beingness to that person (by cognizing the way they
E.  Having that person grant beingness to you.
1.  Find some plants, trees, etc., and communicate to them
individually until you know they received your communication.
2.  Go to a zoo or a place with many types of life and communicate
with each of them until you know the communication is received
and, if possible, returned.
Go out to a park, train station or other busy area.  Practice
placing an intention into individuals until you can successfully
and easily place an intention into or on a Being and/or a body.

Attest to OT7

Dismas House, Room 324
141 N.W. 1st Avenue
Dania, Florida 33004

Defendant Pro Se

221 North Ficlueroa Street, Suite 1200
Los Angeles, California  90012
(213) 250-1800

Attorneys for Defendant,



CHURCH     OF    SCIENTOLOGY         CASE NO. 91-6426 HLH (Tx)
                                     VERIFIED    JOINT     PRELIMINARY
Plaintiff,                           NOTICE OF  MOTION  BY  DEFENDANTS
                                     STEVEN  FISHMAN  AND  UWE  GEERTZ
                                     FOR   RECONSIDERATION   OF   THIS
                                     COURT'S  MARCH  22,  1993  ORDER
                                     TRANSFERRING THE  VENUE  OF  THIS
VS.                                  CASE  TO   U.S.D.C.,     SOUTHERN
                                     DISTRICT OF  FLORIDA  AND  MOTION
                                     FOR RELIEF FROM THAT  SAME  ORDER
                                     PURSUANT TO F.R.CIV.P. 60

STEVEN FISHMAN and UWE GEERTZ,       Date:  April 26, 1993
Time:  10:00 a.m.
Defendants.                       Place: Courtroom 7

Fishman and Uwe Geertz will shortly be filing a joint notice of
notion and motion for reconsideration of this court's March 22, 1993
order to transfer the venue of this case to the United States

District  Court  for  the  Southern  District  of  Florida  (pursuant   t
Local  Rule  7.16)  and  a  motion  for  relief  from  that   same   order
pursuant to Rule 60 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.
This motion will be made, inter  alia,  on  the  following  grounds:
Prior to the March 22, 1993 hearing on  his  motion  for  change  of
1.   Mr.   Fishman   mistakenly   thought   that   IRS    officials,
(Messrs.   Tronscoso  and  Kroggel)   from   Tampa,   Florida   could   be
compelled  to attend the trial  of  this  matter  in  Miami,  Florida  and
that  they  could  be  compelled  to  testify  about  ongoing  government
2.   Mr. Fishman mistakenly  thought  that  Detective  Angelo  could
be  compelled  to  attend  trial  in  Miami,  give  testimony  about   an
ongoing police  investigation  and  Mr.  Fishman  also  did  not  realize
that  statements  by  Detective  Angelo  regarding  what   Fishman   told
Detective Angelo about Scientology would be hearsay;
3.    With  regard  to  "certain  hostile  witnesses  who  are  staff

members of the Church of Scientology":
(a) Mr. Fishman had not realized that these  persons  would
have to be subpoenaed for depositions, deposed, subpoenaed for  trial
and paid witness fees, all at an impossible expense to himself;
(b) Mr. Fishman  had  inadvertently  forgotten  that  these
witnesses would have been subjected to Scientology's  TR-L  (training
routine-lying) , witness training program ("hatting the witness") and
security procedures - all to subvert the truth and  so  render  their
testimony futile to the standpoint of Mr Fishman's defense;
4.    Mr. Fishman had  mistakenly  and  inadvertently  failed  to
realize that the witnesses he really needs in this case  are  largely
ex-Scientologists -- most of  whom  are  more  readily  available  to
testify at trial in Los Angeles;
5.    Fishman had mistakenly  filed  his  motion  for  change  of
venue after reviewing his file and  noticing  that  defendant  Geertz
once had filed the same motion, and without  knowing  that  defendant
Geertz had subsequently  made  a  determination  that  the  case  was
better venued in Los Angeles for an assortment of different  reasons.
6.    Mr. Fishman had  mistakenly  and  inadvertently  failed  to
consider the logistical problems he  faced  in  trying  his  case  in
Miami without the support services  of  Lewis,  D'Amato,  Brisbois  &
Bisgaard being available with  regard  to  the  dozens  of  boxes  of
documents that will be introduced into evidence in his case.
7.    Mr. Fishman had not received Lewis, D'Amato's  offers  to:
(a)  provide him  with  law  library,  support  and  office
services during the trial in Los Angeles;
(b) provide him  with  accommodations,  air  transportation
and a per them for food costs during trial in Los Angeles and to  the

extent plaintiff Scientology failed to do so;
(c)  pay for the  travel  and  accommodation  of  Marjorie
Wakefield to testify at trial in Los Angeles;
(d)  take videotaped depositions of so  many  of  the  so-
called "Scientology hostile witnesses" in Fort Lauderdale  and  Miami
who could be subpoenad for deposition;
(e) use their best efforts to find Mr. Fishman a pro  bono
trial counsel for a trial in Los Angeles;
(f) file a motion for summary judgment in Los Angeles,  in
which Mr. Fishman would join; and
(g)   transport his over  50  boxes  of  evidence  to  Los
Angeles and store it for him there pending trial and for  six  months
8.   Mr.  Fishman  had   not   developed   the   close   working
relationship he now has with Graham E. Berry of Lewis  D'Amato  as  a
result of the Steven Fishman, Jack Fishman, Jamie Lee  Nuryev,  Keith
Nosetta and Dr.  Geertz  depositions  now  being  conducted  in  Fort
Lauderdale, Florida.
9.   Mr. Fishman had not  realized  that  the  granting  of  his
motion  for  change  of  venue  may  adversely  affect  Dr.  Geertz's
representation by the Lewis D'Amato firm and  threaten  the  informal
assistance now being received by him from  the  Lewis,  D'Amato  firm
including but not limited  to  receiving  copies  of  all  deposition
transcripts, discovery  propounded  and  received  that  he  had  not
hitherto been able to afford himself  and  that  plaintiff  had  been
unwilling to provide him.

10. The defense of defendant Dr.  Geertz  was  "stayed"  by  his
bankruptcy petition until only days  before  the  February  22,  1993
hearing on Fishman's motions.     [Scientology  has  since  moved  to
reconsider the  bankruptcy  court's  exemption  of  Dr.  Geertz  from
personal liability when it partially lifted the stay.)
11. Mark  Augustine  was  originally  responsible  for  handling
this matter on behalf of Lewis, D'Amato.  During the pendency  of  the
automatic stay Mark Augustine resigned from the  Lewis  D'Amato  firm
and was replaced on this matter by Graham Berry.
12. Only hours  after  the  February  22,  1993  continuance  of
Fishman's  motion,  and  this  court  orders  that   Fishman   submit
declarations as to the change of venue, Graham Berry was admitted  to
Cedar  Sinai  Hospital  on  an  emergency  basis.        During    his
hospitalization and recuperation, Mr. Fishman  served  a  new  motion
for change of venue (by Federal Express and not first class  mail  on
Lewis, D'Amato).    Due to  either  mistake  or  inadvertence,  either
Judith Tishkoff, Esq. or her paralegal, failed to ensure that  Graham
Berry saw the new motion and failed to ensure that the date  for  new
opposition papers was properly calendared.      Accordingly,  at   the
March 22, 1993 hearing on Fishman's  motion  for  change  of  venue,
Graham Berry was not aware that Mr.  Fishman  had  filed  new  motion
papers now supported by the  declaration  the  court  had  previously
13. Defendant Geertz selected the Lewis,  D'Amato  law  firm  as
his  counsel  partly  because  of  its  considerable  experience   in
handling Scientology litigation.  Over $100,000 has been  expended  on
this defense to date.  Transfer of the  case  to  Florida  would  mean

(a)  the appointment of replacement counsel  at  enormous  cost
and expense and the loss of Lewis, D'Amato's general expertise  and
acquired knowledge in this case, or
(b) the appointment of unnecessarily expensive and  duplicative
Miami co-counsel.
14. If defendant Geertz's counsel (Lewis, D'Amato) has  to  try
this case in Miami instead of Los Angeles:
(a)   over 80 boxes of documents in this case will have  to  be
transported and accommodated in Miami;
(b)   selected boxes of  documents  from  over  200  boxes  of
documents acquired from other Scientology  cases  will  have  to  be
transported and accommodated in Miami;
(c) document handling and  logistical  support  services  would
have to be specially hired in Miami;
(d)  The cost  of  trying  this  case  will  vastly  exceed  the
$300,000 already projected because of the travel  and  accommodation
costs that will be incurred by the attorneys and staff  in  contrast
to merely transporting and accommodating Messrs.  Fishman, Geertz and
certain witnesses in Los Angeles.
As to plaintiff Church of Scientology  International,  it  would
be argued that it opposed Fishman's motion for change of  venue  now
sought to be set aside.

Dated:  March 26, 1993       LEWIS, D'AMATO            BRISBOIS & BISGAARD

By:  (bears signature of)
Graham E. Berry
Attorneys for Defendant

Dated:  March  26      1993             (bears siganture of)
Steven Fishman

Dated    March 26      1993            (bears signature of)
Dr     Uwe Geertz



Fishman Case No 91-6426 HLH (Tx)

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex



This question has been the most plaguing one in Dianetics and

The ONLY way a thetan ever gets in trouble, the ONLY way he can
get trapped or become part of a cluster is by mocking-up and
inaking pictures of bad experiences.

And why record all bad experiences?  This too is not good sense.

one can explain it by a yearning for eventi by havingness and
other ways, but these do not factually lead to a total solution.

The real reason stems from a characteristic of a thetan.  He never
totally gives up.

There is, seemingly, a streak of resistance or resentment that
makes a thetan wish to persist in the same place.  If he cannot,

he will do so covertly.

All power comes from the ability to occupy a point.  The base that
separates two terminals must be firm or there will be no exchange
of energy.
The effort to weaken a thetan is to make him relinquish his point
In space.  covertly or overtly a thetan seeks to assert his
position in space.

If he cannot do so overtly he does so covertly.

When a thetan is moved unwillingly from a point or position, he
even then refuses to give up that point, but MOCKS IT UP.  He also
mocks up the events of his departure as a part of the action of
mocking up the point he is leaving.  This, unwittingly, gives him
a picture, an engram.

Now let us see if this theory holds true in practice.

A.  Just ahead of any engram there must be an effort to
retain a position and there must be a point or  location
being mocked up.
This is true.  You can blow an engram without running  it
by spotting its first point in space and time.  In a
secondary, "Where did you first hear of the loss" is a
vital question.

B.  In a Contact Assist getting a person to touch again the
point where he was hurt with what was hurt will blow the
C.  Getting a person to locate areas (locations) that are not
safe produces blows of engrams without running them.
D.  Exact and accurate dating sometimes blows an engram.
Those times when it does not, it should blow when the
location is exactly spotted.
E.  Implants and traps were done mainly to keep thetans out
of an area.  The thetan, resenting and resisting mocks up
the place anyway and so implants himself.

A thetan too easily substitutes a mock-up for a point in the real

one could also say that a thetan, by mocking up, warns himself
against certain points in space or areas in the Physical Universe.

Anxiety is solely not being able to be in certain places and not
where one is either.

making people leave is the most unpopular action unless one also
frees them to be anywhere.

Transferring people is a degrading thing to do to them.

Jail denies a thetan all spaces except where he has been placed
and note that thetans are made very miserable in Jail.  Jailing is
a sure way to confirm criminals and also to make them crazy as

Any thetan, stuck in an engram, is asserting the effort to be at
the point where he was hit at the beginning of that engram.

An engram therefore is a refusal to leave a place at which force
was exerted to drive one away.

Reversely, one can refuse to be held at a place where one does not
wish to bt, but this is a negation of a place, a not-is of it and
its time.
Power of choice over where one is and where one is not is thus a
key to engrams.

Finally - a thetan mocks up because he covertly refuses to abandon
a location under duress and not-ises the place where he does not
wish to be but must.

Using these facts one can blow engrams without running them.

Some sample questions:

What point (location) is unsafe?

What location could you have held absolutely?
Where did you first get an intimation of danger?
What place would you rather not be in?
What effort would it take to hold (that) (a) locatation?

Working with this you will see a door open to a higher level than
Dianetic R3R.  But realize that it is only for a high level

This is the road to returned personal power in the Physical

Copyright (c) 1969
By L. Ron Hubbard

Saint Hill Manor.  East Grinstead, Sussex



OT VIII Course Students
OT OT VIII Auditors
AO Review Auditors
AO C/Ses
OT VIII Series I



By the time you read this I will no longer be occupying the body and identity
that you have known as Ron.  That identity continues to live in the hearts
and minds of many as well as in on-Source tech and admin centers around the
planet, and will inspire for years to come Scientologists and lovers of truth

What follows is a story that has been withheld, for reasons which will soon
be obvious, until such time as there were enough OTs that something could be
done about it.   That time Is now.   It is not a nice or a pretty story. but
I trust that having arrived on the OT VIII Course you are ready to hear it.
You have undoubtedly heard pieces of data over the years that hinted at the
greater untold reality of my mission here on Earth. but the story was never
written, nor spoken. in its entirety due to security problems that have
unfortunately always plagued the organization.  It is only now that I feel it
safe to release the information, although the time is rapidly approaching
when I will have no choice in the matter, the hour draws that near.

I an not going to delve too deeply into specifics as people have a tendency
to bog themselves down in significance. which would only serve to delay the
immediacy of the task at hand.  Therefore I will be brief.

Some eighty-odd million years ago Earth time (it actually dates at 78,395,042
but dates are & bit superfluous with this material) plans were drawn by a
group outside the MEST universe for the eventual takeover of a good portion
of this universe.  Not a particularly large nor Imaginative crew, their
exterior perspective. however. gives them considerable advantage over tho
time-bound beings of the MEST universe.   Borrowing from earlier operations
such as Helotrobus. they conceived an ongoing implant. some portions of which
have been fairly faithfully rendered in parts of the Bible.  This implant,
laid in by carefully controlled genetic mutation at Incident Two of OT Ill
and periodically reinforced by controlled historic events since then, makes
it effectively impossible for beings on the more heavily affected planets
such as Earth to become free.  It causes progressive genetic "evolution" that
gives the subject population greater and greater susceptibility to the
telepathic impingement and direction of the controllers.   In its final stage
the progression becomes almost geometric, and it is this final stage that we
are rapidly approaching.

Another aspect of this GE-line implant is that the body becomes in effect a
sort of thats trap that kicks in heavily on the being should he attempt to
expand his horizons beyond that of pure physical universe reality. There can
be temporary key-outs which we have all experienced in varying degrees. but
until this area is handled it can honestly be said that there is no hope for
continued expansion. The good news is that once this is run out.  expansion
becomes rather effortless and almost automatic.

No doubt you are familiar with the Revelations section of the Bible where
various events are predicted.  Also mentioned Is a brief period of time in
which an arch-enemy of Christ. reforred to as the  anti-Christ, will  reign
and his opinions will have sway.  All this  makes  for  very fantastic,
entertaining reading but there is truth in it.  This  anti-Christ  represents
the  forces  of Lucifer (literally, the "light bearers" or  "light
bringer"), Lucifer  being  a mythical representation of the forces of
enlightenment, the Galactic Confederacy.   My mission could be said to
fulfill the Biblical promise represented by this brief anti-Christ period.
During this period there  is  a fleeting opportunity for the whole scenario
to  be.  effectively derailed.  which would make it impossible for the mass
Marcabian  landing (Second  Coming)  to  take place.  The Second Coming is
designed, among  other  things,  to trigger  a  rapid series of destructive

With the exception of the original Buddhism,  virtually  all religions  of
any consequence on this planet, mono- and pantheistic  alike.  have been
instruments to speed the progress of this "evolution of consciousness"  and
bring  about  the eventual enslavement of mankind.  As you  know,  Siddhartha
Gautama  never  claimed to be anything more than a man.  Having caught  on
to  this operation,  he postulated his own return as Metteyya, part of which
prophecy will  have  been fulfilled upon the passing of L. Ron Hubbard.

For those of you whose Christian toes I may have stepped on. Let me take the
opportunity to disabuse you of some lovely myths. For instance, the historic
Jesus was not nearly the sainted figure has been made out to be. In addition
to being a lover of young boys and men. he was given to uncontrollable bursts
of temper and hatred that belied the general message of love, understanding
and other typical Marcab PR. You have only to look at the history his
teachings inspired to see where it all inevitably leads. It Is historic fact
and yet man still clings to the ideal. so deep and insidious is the biologic

It Is a good joke that the Calactic Confederacy is  associated with  the
Serpent in the Garden, the beast and other emissaries of the "Prince of
Darkness". Yet in certain passages and esoteric interpretations of the Bible
(much of which has been taken out and effectively suppressed for centuries)
as well as the Cabbalah, the truth reveals itself quite nicely for the clever
and the ungullible.

So it really is a race against time and one that we happen to  be losing  at
the moment, as the implant drama inexorably plays itself out in spite of  the
breakneck pace I've managed to keep up these last thirty-five years.

I had an inkling, but only that, of the insidiousness of  this material  as
far back as 1945.   Later. in charcteristic over-optimism,  I thought  that
R6  would be the end of it.  But that was followed by  NOTs  and  the
Purification  Rundown and still the string continued to unwind with the ball
at the end  of  it  just out of sight.   It makes ons wonder about such
things as  fate and  destiny,  such (0130)

was the resolve with which I managed to cling to that string. not often
knowing how close I was to falling into the abyss myself.  but  destiny it
merely  the rationalization of feeble minds.  Things don't just  happen, they
are  caused. And causative beings can undo the plans of madmen  and  would-be
enslavers,  no matter how long those plans may have been in the making.

I will soon leave this world only to return and complete my mission with
another Identity.  Although I long to stretch my arms  back  in repose  on
some distant star in some distant galaxy.  It appears that  is  one dream
that  will have to wait.  But my return depends on people like  you  doing
these  materials thoroughly and completely so that there will  be  a
genetically uncontaminated body for me to pick up and resume where I left
off.  A  body free  of  religious mania, right/wrong dichotomy and synthetic
karma.  The  job ahead  is  far  too tough to even contemplate doing with
your standard -- courtesy of certain other-dimensional players and their
Marcab pieces, many of whom are  right  here In the general populace --
genetically altered body.

Without the biogenetic meddling of those who stand outside time (who cannot
yet directly influence our world and must work through others) the dwindling
spiral is not nearly as automatic and self-perpetuating as it appears. There
are regions even in isolated parts of the Milky Way where poets  are free to
poet and magicians can paint reality with their magic wands and exteriorize
without body kickback.  But these areas unfortunately are fewer and fewer.

I will return not as a religious leader but a political  one. That  happens
to be the requisite beingness for the task at hand.  I will not  be known  to
most of you, my activities misunderstood by many, yet along with your
constant effort in the theta band I will effectively postpone and then halt a
series  of events designed to make happy slaves of us all.

So there you have it.  The secret that I have kept close to my chest  all
these years.  Now you too are part of this secret and I  no  longer have  to
shoulder the burden alone or live with the possibility of body death before
all the  data could be released.  And with this briefing I entrust to each of
you the responsibility for this material until such time as I an  able to
return.  For we have no help from any other quarter in this matter.  The
handful  of  secret societies throughout history that have caught on to this
game have  long  since fallen by the wayside or been taken over and become
instruments of the very menace they were set up to combat.

The rundown is long and can be arduous, but it must be done thoroughly if
there is to be any effect not only on the body of the pre-OT but the body  of
his  or her progeny as wall.  There is some danger, but with OT VII
thoroughly  complete It is not nearly so great as the danger witnessed by
assorted unfortunates  who happened to stumble into this area in their sleep
or in moments of  reverie  or anaten, experiencing an hitherto mysterious
phenomenon  known as  "spontaneous combustion".


But the area is well charted. the rundown many years in secret development,
and by the time you read this undoubtedly completed on  myself.  The wins
awaiting you are like none that you have ever experienced, not just for you.
but for your children. your children's children and the whole of mankind, if
we succeed.  And we will.  If we had time we should pity the many poor
souls,  from

1950 to PT, who chose such an exactly inopportune moment to drop off the road
to truth and disconnect from reality, the full burst and glory of OT
practically within their grasp.  But we haven't the time to "wax philosophic"
or ponder might have beens.

The rundown follows.  Again I say, do it thoroughly and completely, for it is
your ticket to the stars.  And beyond!


Copyright (c) 1980
by L. Ron Hubbard


of  venue  now
sought t                   L. RON HUBBARD

Copyright (c) 1980
by L. Ron Hubbard


I, STEVEN FISHMAN, hereby declare and state as follows:
I have read the foregoing verified Joint Preliminary Notice
of Motion, etc., and know its contents.
I am a party to this action.  The matters stated in the
foregoing document are true of my own knowledge except as to
those matters which are stated on information and belief, and as
to those matters I believe them to be true.
I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the
State of California    that the foregoing is true and correct.
Executed this 26 day of March, 1993 at Ft.  Lauderdale,

(bears signature of)STEVE FISHMAN

I, UWE GEERTZ, hereby declare and state as follows:
I have read the foregoing Verified Joint Preliminary Notice
of Motion, etc., and know its contents.
I am a party to this action.  The matters stated in the
foregoing document are true of my own knowledge except as to
those matters which are stated on information and belief, and as
to those matters I believe them to be true.
I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the
State of California that,the foregoing is true and correct.
Executed this    26th day of March, 1993 at Ft.  Lauderdale,

(Bears siganture of) UWE GEERTZ

I, GRAHAM E. BERRY, hereby declare and state as follows:
I have read the foregoing Verified Joint Preliminary Notice
of Motion, etc., and know its contents.
I am a one of the attorneys for defendant Uwe Geertz, a
party to this action.  The matters stated in the foregoing
document are true of my own knowledge except as to those matters
which are stated on information and belief, and as to those
matters I believe them to be true.
I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the
State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.
Executed this  26th  day of March, 1993 at Ft.  Lauderdale,

(bears signature of)GRAHAM

1013A (3) CCP Revised 5/1/88

State of California, County of Los Angeles

I am employed in the county of Los Angeles, State of
California.  I am over the age of 18 and not a party to the
within action.

On March 30, 1993 I served the foregoing document described

6255 SUNSET BLVD.  Suite 2000


I delivered such envelope by hand to the offices of the

Executed on March 30, 1993 at Los Angeles, California.

(State)  I declare under penalty of perjury under the
laws of the State of California that the above is true
and correct.

[X)  (Federal) I declare that I am employed in the office of
a member of the bar of this court at whose direction
the service was made.

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1013A (3) CCP Revised 5/1/88

State of California, County of Los Angeles

I am employed in the county of Los Angeles,.State of
California.  I am over the age of 18 and not a party to the within
action; my business address is 221 N. Figueroa Street, Suite 1200,
Los Angeles, California 90012.

On March 30, 1993, I served the foregoing document  described

REGISTER NO. 17280-004

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enclosed in sealed envelopes addressed as follows:


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practice of collection and processing correspondence for mailing.
Under that practice it would be deposited with U.S. postal  service
on that same day with postage thereon fully prepaid at Los Angeles,
California in the ordinary course of business.  I am aware  that  on
motion of the party served, services is presumed invalid if  postal
cancellation date or postage meter date is more than one day  after
date  of deposit for mailing in affidavit.

Executed on March 30, 1993, at Los Angeles, California.

(State)  I declare under penalty of perjury under the
laws of the State of California that the above is true
and correct.

[X]  (Federal) I declare that I am employed in the office of a
member of the bar of this court at whose direction the
service was made.

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I am employed  in the County of Los Angeles, State  of
California.  I am over the age of eighteen (18) years  and  not  a
party to the within action; my business address is:  221 North
Figueroa Street, Suite 1200, Los Angeles, California  90012.

On April 9, 1993 I served the foregoing document(s)
VENUE ORDER on the interested parties in this action by  placing  a
true copy thereof enclosed in a sealed envelope addressed as

Robert Wiener
6255 Sunset Blvd., Suite 2000
Los Angeles, California 90028

(BY MAIL) I am "readily familiar" with the  firm's  practice
of collection and processing correspondence by  mailing.
Under that practice it would be deposited with U.S.  postal
tervice on that same day with postage fully prepaid at  Los
Angeles, California in the ordinary course of  business.  I
am aware that on motion of the party served, service  is
presumed invalid if postal cancellation date or  postage
meter date is more than one day after date of deposit  for
mailing in affidavit.

(X)    (BY PERSONAL DELIVERY) I caused such envelope to be
delivered by hand to the offices of the addressee.

(STATE) I declare under penalty of perjury under the  laws
of the State of California that the above is true and

[XI    (FEDERAL) I declare that I am employed in the offices of  a
member of this court at whote direction the service  was

Executed on April 9. 1993, at Los Angeles, California.



I am employed  in the County of Los Angeles, State of
California.  I am over the age of eighteen (18) years and not a
party to the within action; my business address is:  221 North
Figueroa Street, Suite 1200, Los Angeles, California  90012.

pn April 9. 1993 I served the foregoing document(s)
VENUE ORDER on the interested parties in this action by placing  a
true copy thereof enclosed in a sealed envelope addressed as

Steven Fishman
C/N Unit
FCI Tallahassee
PMB 1000 Tallahassee, Florida 32301-3572

IX)   (BY MAIL) I am "readily familiar" with the  firm's  practice
of collection and processing correspondence by  mailing.
Under that practice it would be deposited with U.S.  postal
service on that same day with postage fully prepaid at  Los
Angeles, California in the ordinary course of  business.  I
am aware that on motion of the-party served, service  is
presumed invalid if postal cancellation date or  postage
meter date is more than one day after date of deposit for
mailing in affidavit.

(BY PERSONAL DELIVERY) I caused such envelope to be
delivered by hand to the offices of the addressee.

(STATE) I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws
of the State of California that the above is true and

Ix]   (FEDERAL) I declare that I am employed in the offices of  a
member of this court at whose direction the service  was

Executed on April 9, 1993, at Los Angeles, California.

(signature by)FARNAZ MORADPOUR




I am employed  in the County of Los Angeles,  State  of
.California.  I am over the age of eighteen (18) years  and  not  a
party to the within action; my business address is:  221 North
Figueroa street, Suite 1200, Los Angeles, California  90012.

On April 9, 1993 I served the foregoing document(s)
VENUE ORDER on the interested parties in this action  by  placing  a
true copy thereof enclosed in a sealed envelope addressed as

Robert Wiener
6255 Sunset Blvd., Suite 2000
Los Angeles, California 90028

(BY MAIL) I am "readily familiar" with  the  firm's  practice
of collection and processing correspondence by  inailing.
Under that practice it would be deposited with  U.S.  postal
service on that same day with postage fully prepaid  at  Los
Angeles, California in the ordinary course  of  business.  I
am aware that on notion of the party served,  service  is
presumed invalid if postal cancellation date or  postage
meter date is more than one day after date of deposit  for
mailing in affidavit.

[X)    (BY PERSONAL DELIVERY) I caused such envelope to be
delivered by hand to the offices of the addressee.

(STATE) I declare under penalty of perjury under the  laws
of the State of California that the above is true and

Ix)    (FEDERAL) I declare that I am employed in the offices of a
member of this court at whose direction the service  was

Executed on April 9, 1993, at Los Angeles, California.

(siganture by) MAURICE HUNTER



I am employed in the County of Los Angeles, State  of
California.  I am over the age of eighteen (18) years  and  not  a
party to the within action; my business address is:  221 North
Figueroa Street, Suite 1200, Los Angeles, California  90012.

On April 9, 1993 I served the foregoing document(s)
VENUE ORDER on the interested parties in this action by  placing  a
true copy thereof enclosed in a sealed envelope addressed as

Robert Wiener
6255 Sunset Blvd., Suite 2000
Los Angeles, California 90028

(BY MAIL) I am "readily familiar" with the  firm's  practice
of collection and processing correspondence by  mailing.
Under that practice it would be deposited with U.S.  postal
service on that same day with postage fully prepaid at  Los
Angeles, California in the ordinary course of  business.  I
am aware that on motion of the party served, service  is
presumed invalid if postal cancellation date or  postage
meter date is more than one day after date of deposit  for
mailing in affidavit.

IX)    (BY PERSONAL DELIVERY) I caused such envelope to'be
delivered by hand to the offices of the addressee.

(STATE) I declare under penalty of perjury under the  laws
of the State of California that the above is true and

[XI    (FEDERAL) I declare that I am employed in the offices of  a
member of this court at whose direction the service  was

Executed on April 9, 1993, at Los Angeles, California.

(not number stamped)


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