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The NOTs in electronic form

The NOTs can be found on the Body-Thetan Org site.

More information can be found on Operation Clambake, Andreas Heldal-Lund's homepage.

Further you request them in the usenet newsgroup nl.scientology. (Cross)post a message to this group asking for them, and I'm sure some kind soul will email them to you. If you cannot get this group directly, just add it in the Newsgroups: header (different groups are separated by a comma).

The NOTs in print from Sweden

Because Zenon Panoussis sent the NOTs to the Swedisch parliament, they used to be available from there because the Swedes had a very strong "offentligketpricip": a law that people allowed to read everything that was sent to the parliament.

Unfortunately, the US government, strongly lobbied (and maybe more) by scientology, has put now so much pressure on Sweden that they changed their law and restricted access when copyright issues were at stake.