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Here is a summary of all of the major confidential Scientology materials in order of their position on the Bridge and with their dates of release. How much they charge you for them is listed below.

I hope this list will help reduce some of the confusion as to what is current and what has been replaced. Keep in mind that the New OT levels replaced the OT level with the same number (New OT I replaced OT I, etc.).

Summary of service organization types is given at the end of this list.

Rundown/Level            Release    Description
L11 (The New Life        1971       Series of processes directed at
Rundown)                            havingness by handling ridges and
                                    masses around the person.  Audited by
                                    Class XI auditors.  Available on Bridge
                                    after Grade IV Expanded at Flag only.

L10                      1971       Series of processes directed at
                                    doingness.  Audited by Class X
                                    auditors.  Available on Bridge after
                                    Grade IV Expanded at Flag only.
                                    Over 20 or 30 rundowns.  A few include:
                                    Lie Rundown, 2D Rundown, Groups
                                    Rundown, Enemy Rundown, and Greatest
                                    Overt/Motivator Rundown.

L12 (The Flag OT         1971       Series of processes directed at
Executive Rundown)                  beingness and exteriorizing the person
                                    with full perceptions.  Audited by
                                    Class XII auditors.  Available on
                                    Bridge after Grade IV Expanded at Flag
                                    only.  Three steps include: handling
                                    why the person is pinned to the body
                                    as well as handling old PTS situations
                                    including the phenomena of being PTS
                                    to self, handling identities, and
                                    handling a unique phenomena involving
                                    stability and its past, present, and
                                    future consequences.

Super Power              Release    Series of 12 rundowns include:
                         Imminent   Ethics and Justice Repair Rundown,
                                    Personal Revival Rundown, Consequences
                                    Rundown, and False Data and Loss
                                    Rundown.  Delivered by Super Power
                                    auditors at Flag and might also
                                    be delivered to staff at Class Vs
                                    who have completed KTL (in English
                                    speaking organizations) and LOC.
                                    Release of this rundown is expected
                                    to make planetary clearing and
                                    the expanding of all service
                                    organizations to the size of old
                                    Saint Hill a reality.

Power Processing         MAY 1965   First set of processes are directed
(Grades V & VA)                     at the upper part of the awareness
                                    chart (source, existence, conditions).
                                    These levels are only done when
                                    a PC does not go Clear on New Era
                                    Dianetics and is audited by Class VII
                                    auditors at Saint Hills and higher

OT Eligibility           ?          A False Purpose Rundown form which
                                    verifies the ethics level of the
                                    Pre-OT.  Rumors have suggested that
                                    some Pre-OTs are required to make
                                    amends or prove their worthiness
                                    to do upper levels by assisting
                                    Scientology in various ways.
                                    Done at Saint Hills and higher

OT Preps                 ?          Probably basic case handling steps
                                    to make sure the Pre-OT is ready
                                    for auditing and does not have
                                    attention on previous auditing, etc.
                                    Done at Saint Hills and higher

R6EW (Grade VI)          DEC 1964   First solo audited level done by PCs
(Routine 6 - End Words)             who did not go Clear on New Era
                                    Dianetics.  This level is directed at
                                    R6 (reactive mind) implant material
                                    from whole track.  Available at
                                    Advanced Organizations and higher.

Clearing Coure           SEP 1965   Solo audited by PCs who did not go
(Grade VII)                         Clear on New Era Dianetics.  This
                                    level is directed at implant materials
                                    (GPMs) which keep the reactive mind in
                                    place.  Available at Advanced
                                    Organizations and higher.

Clear Certainty Rundown  DEC 1985   Verifies and validates a person's
(CCRD)                              state of Clear.  Available at some
                                    Class V Organizations and all higher

Sunshine Rundown         1981       Solo audited without a meter.
                                    Probably locational-like drills
                                    similar to those found on OT I.
                                    Available at Class V Organizations
                                    which deliver the CCRD and all higher

OT I                     AUG 1966   Locational-like drills such as
                                    spotting beings.
                                    Replaced by New OT I.

New OT I                 AUG 1985   Probably much more extensive than
                                    OT I and possibly done as metered
                                    solo-auditing.  Available at
                                    Advanced Organizations and higher.

OT II                    SEP 1966   Series of processes directed at
                                    whole track implant materials (GPMs)
                                    dealing with dichotomies and binary
                                    thinking.  Available at Advanced
                                    Organizations and higher.

OT III                   SEP 1967   Locating and auditing of body
                                    thetans on Incident I (first
                                    incident in MEST universe) and
                                    Incident II (incident which caused
                                    the degradation of these beings
                                    into body thetans and clusters).
                                    Available at Advanced Organizations
                                    and higher.  Partially replaced
                                    by New OT V.

OT IV                    JAN 1968   Mocking-up and unmocking implants
                                    from Clearing Course in order to
                                    prevent future implants plus several
                                    other steps including handling of past
                                    auditing.  Product was originally
                                    an OT Exterior.
                                    Replaced by New OT IV.

New OT IV                JAN 1980   Handles drugs and alcohol effects
(OT Drug Rundown)                   by addressing BTs stuck to/in drug
                                    and alcohol incidents.  Audited by
                                    Class VIII auditors at Advanced
                                    Organizations and higher.

OT V                     JAN 1968   Series of drills directed at Pre-OT's
                                    handling of and relationship to MEST.
                                    Drills were to be done exterior.
                                    Replaced by New OT V.

New OT V                 SEP 1978   Series of rundowns directed at
(New Era Dianetics                  clearing the Pre-OTs body of
for OTs - NOTs)                     body thetans with some attention on
                                    body thetans which are causing
                                    particular conditions (including health
                                    conditions, rock slams caused by
                                    the evil intentions of body thetans,
                                    PTSness caused by suppressive body
                                    thetans, etc.)  Audited by Class IX
                                    auditors at Advanced Organizations and
                                    higher.  55 HCOBs.

OT VI                    JAN 1968   Additional solo-auditing for
                                    whole track implant materials covered
                                    on earlier levels and/or drills and
                                    processes dealing with emotions,
                                    sensations, and exteriorization.
                                    Replaced by New OT VI.

New OT VI                SEP 1980   Course which trains the Pre-OT on
(Solo NOTs Course)                  how to solo audit Solo NOTs.  Available
                                    at Flag.  14 HCOBs.

OT VII                   SEP 1970   Series of processes, drills, and
                                    training steps directed at intention.
                                    Replaced by New OT VII.

New OT VII               SEP 1980   Probably is directed at ridding the
(Solo NOTs)                         Pre-OT of all remaining body thetans.
                                    Done at Flag and at home for two to
                                    three years.  Product is an OT.

New OT VIII              JUN 1988   Rumors have suggested that this level
(The Truth Revealed)                deals with one or more of the
                                    following: the eighth dynamic,
                                    body thetans in other universes,
                                    nonsequential whole track confusions,
                                    etc.  Advertisements suggest that
                                    it handles amnesia on the whole track.
                                    Only available at FSSO (Freewinds).

New OT IX                Not        Prerequisites imply more implant
(Orders of Magnitude)    Released   material on this level.  The word
                                    "orders" may merely suggest levels or
                                    may possibly indicate commands for the
                                    OT to perform as a Scientologist.

New OT X                 Not        Rumors have suggested that this level
(Character)              Released   produces whole track recall.

New OT XI                Not        Probably further rehabilitation of
(Operating)              Released   the OT's abilities.

New OT XII               Not        Probably is directed at the OT's
(Future)                 Released   handling or prediction of the future.

New OT XIII              Not        Title not given.  Probably incomplete
                         Released   or nonexistent.

New OT XIV               Not        Title not given.  Probably incomplete
                         Released   or nonexistent.

New OT XV                Not        Title not given.  Probably incomplete
                         Released   or nonexistent.  If it did exist,
                                    this level's product would be
                                    Total Freedom.

New OT IX & New OT X are supposed to be released shortly after all service
organizations (does not include missions) have reached the size of old
Saint Hill (its size during the 1960's when L. Ron Hubbard was the
Executive Director) which would include more than two hundred staff in each

Due to the fact that L. Ron Hubbard did not announce New OT VIII as being
complete until 1985 and then dying in January of 1986 suggests that the
remaining levels (New OT IX and higher) might be incomplete or nonexistent.
Other rumors have suggested that the older versions of the OT levels may have
been moved to higher levels.

New OT I through New OT VII are also available to Sea Org members at higher
level Sea Org training organizations and to Class V staff at organizations
which are large enough to have a Universe Corps unit at that organization
(the qualification being that the organization must be the size of old
Saint Hill).

Service Organization Type  Highest Training Level  Highest Processing Level
-------------------------  ----------------------  ------------------------
Mission ("Franchise")      Student Hat             New Era Dianetics

Class V Org (Church)       Class V Graduate        Sunshine Rundown (if
                                                   qualified, else New
                                                   Era Dianetics)

Saint Hill (Class VI)      Class VI (SHSBC)        OT Eligibility &
                                                   OT Preps

Advanced Organization      Class IX                New OT V
(Class IX)                 (Class IX for Sea Org
                           only - Class VIII for

Flag Service Organization  Class XII               New OT VII
(FSO) - Flag (Class XII)   (Class IX - XII for
                           Sea Org only)

Flag Ship Service          Specializes in OT       New OT VIII+
Organization (FSSO) -      Hatting courses
Freewinds                  (sets of lectures on
                           OT abilities from
                           1950's and 1960's)

Following are the prices of the $cientology "services", based on the prices in October 1994. The prices are based on an "average" case. If you are a serious case (and who isn't?) it will be much more expensive.

Processing              Intensives         Cost per        Total
Step                    Required           Intensive       Cost
or Course       (IAS)

Life Repair             2 x 12.5 hr        $5,600          $11,200
Purification RD         -----------        $2,560           $2,560
TRs & Objectives        2 x 12.5 hr        $5,600          $11,200
Scn Drug Rundown        2 x 12.5 hr        $5,600          $11,200
ARC Straightwire        2 x 12.5 hr        $5,600          $11,200
Grade 0                 3 x 12.5 hr        $5,600          $16,800
Grade 1                 2 x 12.5 hr        $5,600          $11,200
Grade 2                 2 x 12.5 hr        $5,600          $11,200
Grade 3                 2 x 12.5 hr        $5,600          $11,200
Grade 4                 2 x 12.5 hr        $5,600          $11,200
New Era Dianetics       3 x 12.5 hr        $5,600          $16,800
Clear Certainty RD      1 x 5 hr           $2,800           $2,800


**Solo Course Part 1    -----------        $1,500           $1,500
*OT Preparations        2 x 12.5 hr        $3,300           $6,600
**Solo Course Part 2    -----------        $1,500           $1,500
*OT Eligibility         2 x 12.5 hr        $3,300           $6,600
*OT I                   -----------        $1,500           $1,500
*OT II                  -----------        $3,000           $3,000
*OT III                 -----------        $5,100           $5,100
OT IV                   ?2 x 12.5 hr       $6,500          $13,000
OT V                    ?2 x 12.5 hr       $7,400          $14,800
OT VI                   -----------       $10,240          $10,240
OT VII                  -----------        $3,500           $3,500
(per 6 months)          over 2 years       $1,280           $5,120
OT VIII                 -----------       $10,000          $10,000
OT VIII auditing        ?2 x 12.5 hr       $7,400          $14,800


Step/Course/          Intensives       Cost per        Total
Materials             Required         Intensive       Cost
required                               or Course       (IAS)

To OT VIII (with mass discounts)                       $200,000

Saint Hill Special
Briefing Course        ------------    $25,600            

*Briefing Course
materials (including
30% discount when
all bought at once
- - if you can afford to)------------    $18,390            

SHSBC Total $43,990

ALTERNATIVE: Lower "Levels" and Specialist Training
Courses. (see below for price breakdown)                $56,000

Key to Life and
Life Orientation
Courses                ------------    $11,500          $11,500

L10               min. 2 x 12.5 hrs    $10,000          $20,000
L11               min. 2 x 12.5 hrs    $10,000          $20,000
L12               min. 2 x 12.5 hrs    $10,000          $20,000

$314,490 - $326,500
Lower Bridge "Levels" and "Specialist" training
if taken instead of Saint Hill Special Briefing Course

Yearly IAS membership,
say seven years at $300 per annum
(or Lifetime membership)                                    $2,100

        Mark Super VII E-meter                              $3,780

Student Hat Course                                            $960
*       The Study Tapes                                       $425

New Hubbard Professional TR Course                          $2,400
*       Clay Table Processing Picture Book                    $100
*       Dianetics 55! Book                                     $40
*       Technical Dictionary                                   $90
*       PRO TR Course Lectures (on cassette)                  $240

Hubbard Professional Upper Indoc TR Course                  $1,000
*       Freedom Congress Lectures (on cassette)               $590

Academy Level 0 Course                                      $2,400
*       Level 0 Lectures (on cassette)                        $240
*       Self Analysis Book                                     $18
        [Full Set of Tech Volumes]                          $2,025

Academy Level I Course                                      $2,400
*       Level I Lectures (on cassette)                        $375
*       Problems of Work Book                                  $18

Academy Level II Course                                     $2,400
*       Level II Lectures (on cassette)                       $590
*       Fundamentals of Thought Book                           $18

Academy Level III Course                                    $2,400
*       Level III Lectures (on cassette)                      $240
*       Scientology 0-8 Book                                   $18

Academy Level IV Course                                     $2,400
*       Level IV Lectures (on cassette)                       $240
*       Handbook for Pre-Clears Book                           $40
*       Advance Procedures & Axioms Book                       $40

Academy Level IV Internship                                 $1,600

Class V Hubbard New Era Dianetics Course                    $3,600
*       NED Lectures (on cassette)                            $180
*       Dianetics Book                                         $21

Class V NED Auditor Internship                              $1,600

Hubbard Class V Graduate Auditor Course                     $3,600
*       Class V Graduate Auditor Lectures                     $300
*       Science of Survival Book                               $52
*       Case Remedies Book                                     $40
*       The Troubleshooter                                    $700

Class V Graduate Auditor Internship                         $1,600

                                                Sub Total  $40,880