My old PGP keys, an RSA key with ID D42F80B1 and an ElGamal key with ID B8614452/86156B85 are COMPROMISED and should no longer be used.

My PGP keys

I have 2 PGP keys:
  1. A 2048 bit RSA key,
    KeyID 0116CEC9,
    Key fingerprint is C2 2E B2 CC 17 D2 2B 84 C2 F3 FE 6D 29 1D 8A FD.

    This key can be used with PGP versions 2.x, GnuPG with the IDEA plugin and some versions of PGP 5 and 6.

  2. A Diffie-Hellman key, consisting of:

    Key fingerprint is 52F9 9753 7105 C6D4 EEC3 ACBC 6D53 AF89 9E8C 5DDF

    This key can be used with PGP versions 5 and 6 and GnuPG without any plugins. This key can not be used with PGP 2.x.

For more information about PGP compatibility issues, see the PGP Versions Interactions page.